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Christine Blasey Ford is carefully affiliated to the CIA, and her animal advance allegations adjoin Brett Kavanaugh are allotment of a CIA plot.

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Student Collections | Student Financial Services, UVA – invoice collection agency | invoice collection agency

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford faced a torrent of claimed attacks and cabal theories in September and October 2018, afterwards she about accused federal adjudicator Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, of sexually assaulting her back they were both aerial academy acceptance in Maryland in the aboriginal 1980s.

In backward September 2018, a cabal approach emerged captivation that Blasey Ford was carefully affiliated to the Central Intelligence Bureau (CIA), and that her allegations were apocryphal and allotment of a CIA artifice to block Kavanaugh’s acceptance and agitate President Trump’s agenda.

One meme which advance the conspiracy-mongering apprehend as follows:

If you acquire this woman’s story, accede this …

Her grandfather, Nicholas Deak, was a able-bodied accepted CIA abettor for decades.

Her ancestor Ralph Blasey II ran three CIA-front companies Red Coats Inc., Datawatch, and Admiral Aegis Systems.

And her brother Ralph Blasey II [sic] already formed for the law aing Baker Hostetler which was abaft the conception of Fusion GPS and afterwards the abstracts acclimated to alpha the Russian bunco investigation.

Get the picture?

Another meme emerged from a cheep and blog column appear by bourgeois radio host Michael Savage on 27 September 2018:







— Michael Savage (@ASavageNation) September 27, 2018

The approach that Blasey Ford, in accurate her allegations adjoin Kavanaugh, is acting on annual of the CIA or as allotment of a CIA artifice adjoin him has three basal components:

This theory, and its basic strands, were accounting about and answer on several non-mainstream web sites during September 2018, including What Does It Mean, the BrassBalls blog, ZeroHedge, Afore It’s News, and in a articulation on Alex Jones’ InfoWars appearance (in which Jones claimed Blasey Ford and her ancestors were allotment of the “leftist arm of the CIA,” whose action is “to actualize transgender children,” amid added pronouncements).

On 17 September,’s “Sorcha Faal” categorical this somewhat complicated web of claims:

An arresting all-embracing new Adopted Intelligence Annual (SVR) abode circulating in the Kremlin today states that a Stanford University Psychiatry Professor alleged Dr. Christine Blasey has become the latest centerpiece of a Central Intelligence Bureau (CIA) artifice to abuse President Trump with her last-minute allegation, aloof canicule above-mentioned to US Senate confirmation, that Supreme Court appointee Brett Kavanaugh had attempted to sexually advance her over 30 years ago back they were boyish academy accouchement — while actuality kept from the American bodies about Dr. Blasey is that she currently oversees the CIA Undergraduate Internship Affairs Stanford University developed by the belled CIA-connected Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges — who himself, in 1985, took into his affliction the abandoned woman Lois Lang who assassinated CIA accountant Nick Deak — and that afterwards saw the CIA’s atramentous operations monies actuality controlled by Ralph G. Blasey Jr. — who, not so mysteriously, aloof happens to be the ancestor of Dr. Christine Blasey. has a continued history of architecture evidence, quotations, and stories, as acclaimed by RationalWiki:

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Sorcha Faal is the declared columnist of an advancing alternation of “reports” appear at, whose appointment is of such affection that alike added cabal nutters don’t anticipate abundant of it.

The primary admirers of Sorcha Faal’s letters and the alone ones who booty them actively are usually added cabal theorists …

Each abode resembles a annual adventure in its style, but usually includes a amazing banderole almost accompanying to absoluteness (e.g. “American Rebel Armament Attack Gas Pipelines, Explode Trains As US Civil War Nears”) and quotes accurate high-level Russian sources (such as the Russian Federal Aegis Annual in the aforementioned article) to abutment its best abandoned claims. Except for the actuality attributed to allegorical sources, the letters don’t accommodate abundant aboriginal material. They are usually based on assorted annual items from the boilerplate media and/or whatever the clogosphere is currently hyperventilating about, with anniversary annual shoehorned into the cabal anecdotal the abode is aggravating to establish.

The Stanford Connection

Stanford University does not accomplish or administer its own “CIA Undergraduate Internship Program,” but rather promotes that internship (which is operated by the CIA itself in Washington, D.C.) to its students, alternating with several added fellowships and able opportunities, beneath the advocacy of the university’s Haas Centermost for Public Service.

Christine Blasey Ford is a ysis yst at Stanford, not a CIA internship affairs administrator. None of the posts claiming she directs, leads, or is in allegation of the internship affairs provided any affirmation to that effect, and none of them explained or accustomed that the internship is an alien one, run by the CIA itself accoutrements of afar abroad from Stanford’s campus.

The Haas Centermost for Public Annual lists four agents associates amenable for advising acceptance on internships and fellowship. including the CIA’s undergraduate internship, and Blasey Ford is not one of them. This affirmation of a absolute claimed articulation amid Blasey Ford and the CIA, via Stanford University, accordingly avalanche down.

However, as an academy Stanford does acquire a history of alive with the CIA, abnormally as allotment of Activity MKUltra, a atramentous CIA-sponsored affairs in the 1950s and 1960s in which scientists and researchers, abnormally in the acreage of psychology, acclimated drugs and added techniques to agreement with behavior modification and apperception control.

Stanford was aloof one of dozens of universities, ysis institutions, and hospitals beyond the United States that served as venues for such experimentation, which was at times actionable and bent for application animal beings as subjects, sometimes afterwards their ability or consent. (Famously, the “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski was subjected to barbarous cerebral experimentation, doubtable to acquire been allotment of an MKUltra sub-project, while he was a able mathematics apprentice at Harvard in the backward 1950s.)

In January 1973, CIA Technical Casework Director Sidney Gottlieb — the abominable poisons able who oversaw the MKUltra affairs — destroyed abounding abstracts apropos to the actuality of the abstracts aloft the adjustment of again CIA Director Richard Helms, the U.S Senate would afterwards hear. However, in 1977 a Freedom of Advice Act appeal baldheaded a accession of material, mostly invoices and added banking documents, apropos to the program.

Among that accession were hundreds of pages establishing the actuality that Stanford University had been one of the dozens of institutions breadth MKUltra ysis took place. The abstracts are now accessible on the web armpit of the university itself and announce that MKUltra activities occurred at Stanford from about 1953 to 1964, with abounding of the orders and invoices active by Gottlieb himself.

Ralph Blasey III

Here’s how the BrassBalls blog explained this fiber of the cabal theory:

Christine Blasey’s brother [Ralph] acclimated to appointment for the all-embracing law aing of Baker Hostetler. The aing created Fusion GPS, the aggregation who wrote the Russian “dossier”. They afterwards accepted it was alone a accumulating of acreage interviews. Baker Hostetler is amid in the aforementioned architecture breadth the CIA operates three companies alleged Red Coats Inc., Admiral Aegis Services, and Datawatch. They are operated by Ralph Blasey II. He is the ancestor of Christine and Ralph III.

This basic of the all-embracing approach is riddled with absolute errors, fabrications, and ytic failures.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Ralph Blasey III (Christine’s brother, and the son of Ralph Blasey Jr.) did absolutely already appointment as a action accomplice for Baker Hostetler in the firm’s Washington, D.C. office.

But Baker Hostetler did not “create” Fusion GPS, as the blog column claims. Rather, in 2017 Fusion GPS told the Washington Column that they had performed some appointment as a subcontractor for Baker Hostetler, who were apery a Russian captivation aggregation in a money bed-making case brought by the U.S. Justice Department. (More advice about Fusion GPS’ abode in the advancing ysis into Russian arrest in the 2016 elections can be beheld here.)

However, Fusion GPS told the Column that their appointment for Baker Hostetler began in 2013, while Ralph Blasey III chock-full alive for the law aing in 2004, nine years afore they affianced Fusion GPS.

Baker Hostetler’s Washington, D.C. abode is 1050 Connecticut Avenue Northwest. None of the three companies listed in the cabal approach as CIA fronts run by Ralph Blasey Jr. (Christine’s father) has offices at that address. Ralph Blasey Jr. is listed as Vice President for Business Development of one of them, Red Coats, Inc., a Bethesda, Maryland-based charwoman company.

Admiral Aegis Casework (which provides aegis bouncer and babysitter services) is a ysis of Red Coats, and Datawatch Systems is endemic and operated by the aforementioned bodies but amid at a altered abode (albeit aural walking ambit in Bethesda.)

Ralph Blasey Jr. works for alone one of those three companies, none of which shares an abode with Baker Hostetler (the law aing which Ralph Blasey III, in any case, larboard in 2004) or has been apparent by any affirmation whatsoever to be “operated” by the CIA.

Like abounding added companies in the Washington, D.C. area, Datawatch Systems, which provides aperture and admission aegis services, does acquire affairs with several federal government departments and agencies, as does Red Coats, Inc., and Admiral Aegis Services. However, none of them has a arrangement with the CIA.

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This attack to articulation Christine Blasey Ford to the CIA through her brother Ralph accordingly fails on several fronts.

Nick Deak

Before we get to the actuality of this allotment of the cabal theory, it’s annual pointing out the abstruse ytic blemish at the affection of it. The basal apriorism actuality is that, if Christine Blasey Ford’s grandfathering was an intelligence agent, she herself charge accordingly be steeped in spycraft and acquire the aforementioned interests, temperament, and profession as her grandfather. Anyone with a altered personality or career to that of their grandfathering will aimlessly admit this acceptance as nonsensical.

In any event, the affirmation actuality is that Blasey Ford’s grandfathering was the allegorical CIA-linked bill banker Nicholas “Nick” Deak. Afterwards alms any affirmation of a familial relationship, the BrassBalls blog declared that “Christine and Ralph III’s grandfathering was Nicholas Deak. Above CIA Director William Casey accustomed Deak’s decades of annual to the CIA.”

Deak has been the accountable of belief and allure for decades. In 1964, Time annual alleged him “the James Bond of the apple of money,” writing:

Born in Hungary 58 years ago, Deak holds a doctorate in economics, can allocution money in bristles languages, acclimated to appointment for the League of Nations. A aborigine American, he spent Apple War II as an [Office of Strategic Services] abettor parachuting into Burmese jungles to chase for Japanese prisoners. On a postwar assignment, he sneaked Hungarian boxcars accomplished the Russian occupiers to advice clean West Germany’s railways. Deak still keeps in OSS trim with a vegetarian diet, circadian sprints about his own burghal active track, and ski trips with his Viennese wife. From a paneled appointment (cable address: Deaknick) overlooking lower Manhattan harbor, he supervises added than 100 agents alive for Deak & Co., one of the world’s better dealers in adopted currencies.

In 1985, Deak was attempt asleep (along with his agent Frances Lauder) at his appointment in Lower Manhattan by Lois Lang, a abandoned woman with a history of brainy illness. Because of Deak’s life-long access to the CIA and a contempo aspersion which had active his aing in money bed-making on annual of all-embracing abomination organizations, theories acquire been put alternating that Lang was not alone motivated by her own delusions, as board concluded, but was acting beneath the administration of abominable and organized forces, bent or governmental.

In 2012, Arkadi Kuhlmann, who replaced Deak as CEO of his firm, told Salon of his own skepticism about the official annual of his predecessor’s murder:

“I never believed that the accomplished affair was random,” said Kuhlmann, in an annual with Salon. Ditto the government ysis that triggered the collapse above-mentioned Lang’s rampage. “We were the CIA’s paymaster, and that got to be a little bit awkward for them,” he said. “Our time had anesthetized and the annual of accomplishing things our way had vanished. The apple was alteration in the ’80s; you couldn’t aloof acquire accoutrements of cash. Deak was apathetic at accurate those changes. And back you lose your sponsorship, you’re out of the game.”

Whatever the accuracy about the afterlife of Nicholas Deak, one affair is clear” he was not Christine Blasey Ford’s grandfather. Multiple annual accessories afore and afterwards his afterlife assured that he had alone one child, a son alleged Robert Leslie, additionally accepted as “Les.”

This advice acutely rules out the achievability that Deak was Blasey Ford’s affectionate grandfather, and back we apperceive her ancestor is Ralph Blasey Jr., we can say with authoritativeness that Deak was not her benevolent grandfathering either. This eliminates the third and final basic of the cabal theory, as articulate by Michael Savage and others.

Interestingly, the does not affirmation that Deak was Blasey Ford’s grandfather, but rather connects the two by way of addition amount from a ancient era, Dr. Frederick Melges:

Though the American bodies were accurately told that Nicolas Deak apache Lois Lang had ahead been beneath psychiatric care, this abode continues, what was bootless to be appear to them was that Lang had been beneath the absolute affliction and medical administration of the CIA’s own Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges aloof above-mentioned to her traveling from Seattle to New York City to backpack out this assassination—and who was the exact blazon of apache Dr. Melges had been alive to actualize in his CIA-funded apperception ascendancy MKULTRA programme—and whose Canadian victims of are still actuality silenced afterwards Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, this accomplished December, imposed a gag adjustment on them to accumulate them silent—but that does administer to Adjudicator Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Christine Blasey, who charcoal able to advise her CIA Undergraduate Internship Affairs at Stanford University the MKULTRA apperception ascendancy techniques apparent by Dr. Melges.

The claims that Lang had been advised by Dr. Melges, and that Melges was associated with the MKUltra project, was accounting about in Salon‘s 2012 annual of Deak’s death:

In August 1975, annal appearance that Lang was apparent naked and catatonic in a Santa Clara cabin allowance … Police responding to the cabin allowance took Lang to adjacent Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. For the aing month, she was put beneath the affliction of Dr. Frederick Melges, a yst associated with the Stanford Analysis Institute. One of Dr. Melges’ capital areas of research: drug-aided hypnosis. A few years afterwards Lang was put in Melges’ care, the New York Times apparent the Stanford Analysis Institute as a centermost for CIA ysis into “brain-washing” and “mind-control” abstracts in which aimless capacity were dosed with consciousness-expanding drugs and subjected to gesic …

The Stanford Analysis Institute accustomed CIA funding, and Dr. Melges appear appointment about application drugs and gesic to actualize “disassociative states,” i.e., induced schizophrenia. One of Melges’ ally on these abstracts was a doctor alleged Leo E. Hollister, who aboriginal dosed Ken Kesey with LSD as allotment of an Army agreement in 1960. He afterwards accepted to columnist John Marks that he conducted biologic ysis for the CIA …

In added words, the doctor who cared for Lang in Santa Clara was a chief amount at one of the CIA’s top institutional grantees. He formed side-by-side with a self-identified CIA collaborator, and conducted ysis into the affectionate of drug-induced behavior modification that the bureau is accepted to acquire funded.

We were clumsy to verify the affirmation that Dr. Melges took Lang into his affliction in 1975, or what that ysis ability acquire entailed. Frederick Towne Melges (known as “Rusty“) was a yst from Action Creek, Michigan, who accustomed his medical amount from Columbia University afore alive at the University of Roer and Duke University in afterwards years.

In the backward 1960s and aboriginal 1970s, Melges formed at Stanford University, researching the acumen of time. He conducted studies into the furnishings of cannabis and booze on time perception, claimed perceptions of the future, persecutory apparition amid bodies with astute brainy illness, and several capacity accompanying to animal emotion. Some of his ysis complex administering doses of THC (the aberrant basic in cannabis) as able-bodied as alcohol.

We were not able to verify the affirmation that Melges formed at the Stanford Analysis Institute, and it is cryptic whether he anytime took allotment in any MKUltra-related experimentation. However, alike if one accepts for the account of altercation the claims fabricated by and Salon, no allusive articulation exists amid Dr. Melges and Christine Blasey Ford.

Melges, who suffered from diabetes, died at the age of 52 in Durham, North Carolina, in July 1988, accepting formed at Duke University back 1977. Blasey Ford got her undergraduate amount from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1988, again accustomed a master’s in ytic attitude from Pepperdine University in 1991, a PhD in educational attitude from the University of Southern California in 1996, and a master’s in epidemiology from Stanford University in 2009.

She and Melges never abounding or formed at the aforementioned university contemporaneously. The ancient almanac we could acquisition of Blasey Ford’s alive at Stanford was in the year 2000, by which time Melges had been asleep for 12 years (and had larboard Stanford added than a decade afore that).

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Even if Melges were associated with the MKUltra program, the actuality of Christine Blasey Ford’s appearance and application at Stanford several decades afterwards does not alike appear aing to establishing a articulation amid the two. has continued been affianced in the action adjoin misinformation, an accomplishment we could not sustain afterwards the abutment of our readers.

If you’d like to apprentice added about how you can abutment us, bang here.

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