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Senate Judiciary Board Administrator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) leaves a affair about Brett Kavanaugh at the Capitol on Tuesday. (Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

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With Breanne Deppisch and Joanie Greve

THE BIG IDEA: Senate Republicans say they plan to coin advanced with a audition aing Monday whether Christine Blasey Ford is there or not, a take-it-or-leave-it artifice to put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Cloister afore the end of the ages that risks backfiring politically.

Lawyers for Ford, the California assistant who accuses Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her aback they were teenagers, said Tuesday night that their applicant wants an FBI ysis afore she testifies in advanced of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The committee’s GOP chairman, Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), appointed Ford’s affidavit afore acknowledging that this day formed for her. He did, however, achieve abiding it formed for Admiral Trump’s nominee, who absolutely denies any atrocity and has been holed up at the White Abode advancing for his added annular in advanced of the Senate.

“The allurement for Monday still stands,” Grassley said in a statement. “Dr. Ford’s affidavit would reflect her claimed ability and anamnesis of events. Nothing the FBI or any added investigator does would accept any abode on what Dr. Ford tells the committee, so there is no acumen for any added delay.”

Contrary to some semi-misleading advantage that’s out there this morning, Ford still wants to affirm in a accessible setting. Moreover, the two-page letter from her attorneys does not absolutely say she will not arise aing Monday if there’s no FBI probe. “She will allocution with the committee,” Lisa Banks, one of her lawyers, told Anderson Cooper on CNN. “She is not able to allocution with them at a audition on Monday. No accepted ysis is activity to arise amidst now and Monday. This is activity to booty some time. There shouldn’t be a blitz to a audition here.”

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.), the No. 3 in GOP leadership, told reporters that Ford is “not absolutely in a position to achieve conditions.”

Other Republicans went further. “This has been a drive-by acid aback it comes to Kavanaugh,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told Seung Min Kim. “I’ll accept to the lady, but we’re activity to accompany this to a close.” Graham added later, “We run the board — not her lawyer, not the Democrats.”

— There is a crisis for Republicans that this affectionate of abrupt abode adjoin a declared victim of animal advance will be perceived as blowing by voters, abnormally the college-educated, burghal women who are assertive to actuate which affair controls the Abode arise November. As I wrote yesterday, alike afore Ford came forward, Kavanaugh was already the atomic accepted and best polarizing appointee to the Supreme Cloister aback Robert Bork in 1987.

— Ford’s attorneys say quotes like the one from Graham prove that Republicans accept already prejudged their client’s claims and appropriately advertise why an absolute ysis is needed. “A abounding ysis by law administering admiral will ensure that the acute facts and assemblage in this amount are adjourned in a non-partisan manner, and that the board is absolutely a afore administering any audition or authoritative any decisions,” Banks and Debra Katz, Ford’s added lawyer, wrote in a letter to the Judiciary Committee.

— The professor’s alacrity to absolutely abet with the FBI is cogent for accession reason: Authoritative a apocryphal anniversary to the bureau is a felony. Aloof ask above Trump aides Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos and Rick Gates. The FBI, incidentally, is led by Trump appointee Christopher Wray. (In August, on the admonition of counsel, Ford anesthetized a polygraph ysis that was administered by a retired FBI agent.)

— The advance to move advanced with no academic ysis underscores why victims about alternate to arise forward, advocates say, and the animadversion Ford has faced explains why she capital to break bearding until Sunday.

As Graham talked about the “drive-by shooting,” for example, Ford’s attorneys arise that their applicant has accustomed afterlife threats, her clandestine email has been afraid and she’s actuality impersonated online. Ford and her ancestors accept now abashed out of their home, and she and her bedmate are blockage afar from their two accouchement as a assurance precaution. Unlike Kavanaugh, Ford does not get a aegis detail.

“At 10:28 Tuesday morning, a Twitter anniversary with a white nationalist talking point for its handle acquaint Christine Blasey Ford’s claimed address,” Elise Viebeck reports. “The anniversary declared for ‘peaceful protests’ at Ford’s home in Northern California … The allegation was a ‘hoax’ orrated by the ‘deranged left,’ the anniversary tweeted. This was at atomic the third time a Twitter user had ‘doxed’ Ford — acquaint her claimed advice online — aback she arise her actualization to The Washington Post … Twitter agent Ian Plunkett beneath to say whether the armpit abeyant any accounts or deleted any tweets for absolute claimed advice about Ford. … As of Tuesday evening, the Twitter anniversary announcement Ford’s abode was still active, and accession anniversary had acquaint what it said was an aeriform photo of Ford’s house.”

— But Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who calls the shots added than Grassley, is acquisitive to move bound so that he can abstain his daydream book in which Kavanaugh, or a backup nominee, wouldn’t get accepted afore the midterms and afresh Democrats win ascendancy of the Senate. The allowance of such a takeover are absolutely low, but a Majority Baton Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) could apparently accumulate the bench accessible through the 2020 acclamation – afterward the antecedent McConnell created aback he banned to acquiesce a audition for Merrick Garland in 2016.

— At the bidding of the accepted majority leader, several GOP senators signaled aftermost night that they’re accomplished affective advanced afterwards Ford’s affidavit or an FBI investigation:

— Abaft the scenes, Republican senators are added disconnected about what to do:

— This action is not afterwards accident for Democrats, either. The showdown ability actuate conservatives in red states area Democratic incumbents are up for reelection, and some voters could achieve that GOP leaders approved in acceptable acceptance to action Ford a adventitious to affirm but she declined. If there’s a acumen that Ford and Democrats are alive calm too carefully in aggravating to adjournment proceedings, Republicans and maybe some independents ability actualization her claims as actuality motivated by partisanship.

Before the letter from Ford’s apostle aftermost night, Democrats had additionally been ambitious an FBI ysis afore a hearing. “She is beneath no obligation to participate in the Republican efforts to ambit this accomplished affair beneath the rug, to abide this best on the fast clue and to participate in a apply advance and basically a railroad job,” said Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii), a affiliate of the committee. “This is what they did to Anita Hill!” At a anniversary appointment with Democratic colleagues, Hirono added: “I aloof appetite to say to the men in this country, aloof shut up and footfall up. Do the appropriate thing, for a change.”

— Meanwhile, Kavanaugh had a two-hour “murder board” bygone at the Eisenhower Appointment Building to rehearse for aing week. The adjudicator accomplished answering boxy questions about his past, his partying, his drinking, his dating and Ford’s allegations, per Josh Dawsey. Participants in the affair included White Abode admonition Don McGahn, columnist secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and agent arch of agents Bill Shine.

Shine’s role in prepping Kavanaugh is notable because of his scandal-plagued administering as co-president of Fox News. He was pushed out of the cable arrangement aftermost year afterwards assorted lawsuits appropriate that he enabled declared animal aggravation by Roger Ailes, his bang-up for 20 years. Shine himself was not accused of animal delinquency and has maintained that he didn’t apperceive what Ailes was accomplishing to the women who formed for them.

— For his part, Trump himself approved to casting Kavanaugh as the absolute victim during an afternoon anniversary conference. “This is not a man that deserves this,” he said. “I feel so abominably for him that he’s activity through this.”

The admiral did not accurate accord for Ford and what she’s activity through. He did say, though, that “there shouldn’t alike be a little doubt” about whether Kavanaugh did what she alleges. “I feel that the Republicans — and I can allege for myself — we should go through a process, because there shouldn’t alike be a little doubt,” he said.

POTUS common his abutment on amusing media:

— An declared witness, who agents could anniversary if the FBI pursued the matter, is afraid to affirm afore the Senate. Ford alleges that Mark Adjudicator was in the allowance — bedlam — aback Kavanaugh affianced her bottomward and attempted to abduction her. But Judge’s apostle beatific a letter to the Senate bygone adage his applicant does not appetite to arise or acknowledgment any questions. The apostle said Adjudicator has “no anamnesis of this declared incident.”

Judge’s 1997 memoir, “Wasted: Tales of a Gen-X Drink,” references a “Bart O’Kavanaugh” actualization who passes out bashed and throws up in a car. “A adduce from a author runs alongside the ancestors photos on Mark Judge’s folio in his aerial academy yearbook: ‘Certain women should be addled regularly, like gongs,’” Avi Selk reports. “Judge’s anniversary admission appears one folio afore the bio of … Kavanaugh. Both men accelerating in 1983 … In two memoirs, Adjudicator depicted his aerial academy as a backup of bender area acceptance abounding ‘masturbation class,’ ‘lusted afterwards girls’ from adjacent Catholic schools and drank themselves into stupors at parties. He has aback abandoned that affairs and refashioned himself as a bourgeois moralist — admitting one who has accounting about ‘the admirable adorableness of uncontrollable macho passion.’”

“Fortunately,” Kavanaugh said in a 2015 speech, “we had a acceptable adage that we’ve captivated close to to this day . . . which is: ‘What happens at Georgetown Prep, stays at Georgetown Prep.’ I ahead that’s been a acceptable affair for all of us!”

Democrats asked to amendment Adjudicator to arise on Monday, but Republicans said no.

— Linda Fairstein, the above arch of the Manhattan Commune Attorney’s Office’s Sex Crimes Bureau who is not complex in that fight, said Adjudicator would be “an capital witness.” She said it’s attenuate for any animal advance to arise with a attestant present. “To me, it’s acute that she puts accession abroad there, and that the actuality who happens to be in the allowance has a blackout bubbler problem,” Fairstein told Deanna Paul. “That’s array of the bagged behavior she declared that night. … Ford mentioned capacity — like the basin party, the attenuated staircase, that the abode was in Montgomery County. There are abundant facts for accession to bethink it was their affair and their house.”

Fairstein added that it’s additionally absolutely accustomed Ford “didn’t remember” several details. “If she testifies, I would apprehend her to say ‘I don’t remember’ array of times,” Fairstein said, for two reasons: the admission of time and trauma. “She begin this acquaintance so abashing that she acquainted her activity was in danger. There ability be 220 things she doesn’t apperceive and afresh a actual specific book about what happened that was so traumatic.”

— Abounding women are ambulatory abaft Ford. “Several above colleagues said that, as a biostatistician and psychologist, Ford was accepted for her conscientious and accurate able conduct. She has arise several books and added than 65 peer-reviewed anniversary articles,” the Associated Columnist letters from Palo Alto, Calif. “Her assignment about involves allegory abstracts aggregate in medical studies alignment from investigations of new abasement treatments to opioid addiction interventions and alarming academician abrasion research.

“Sarah Adler, a above apprentice of Ford’s who is now a ytic yst at Stanford, co-organized a letter in abutment of her above assistant that had been active by added than 300 colleagues and above acceptance by Tuesday afternoon. Accession letter of abutment has been active by added than 700 graduates of her clandestine basic school, Holton-Arms. ‘I ahead she acquainted about accountable to arise forward, which is actual abundant in band with what I apperceive of her,’ said Adler. ‘She yzes the abstracts and lets the abstracts acquaint the story.’ … Ford ethics bright able boundaries and isn’t one to allotment claimed struggles with coworkers, the above colleagues said.”

— How it’s arena elsewhere:

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— In a abstinent cavalcade for today’s newspaper, David Von Drehle calls on Kavanaugh to abjure so that Trump can appoint a woman as his backup and the country can abstain the anamorphosis that seems assured in the advancing days: “A accommodation to block Kavanaugh would absolutely add a new, arguably unhealthy, ambit to the animal administrative wars already disfiguring the Senate. The aboriginal high-profile appointee brought bottomward by acknowledged delinquency in aerial academy would apparently not be the last. … But a accommodation to affirm Kavanaugh beneath these affairs portends added accident to the already aged believability of the Supreme Court. … It’s doubtful that Kavanaugh would accept been the aces if Ford’s allegation had been accepted aftermost spring. And this suggests a least-bad band-aid to the Senate’s dilemma. Kavanaugh can put the country advanced of his claimed ambitions. While advancement his innocence, he can abjure for the anniversary of the court’s credibility. He can abide his acclaimed anniversary on the second-highest cloister in the land.”


— Kim Jong Un agreed to appointment Seoul for the aboriginal time, but fabricated no accurate promises on denuclearization. Simon Denyer and Min Joo Kim report: “Experts said it was far from bright that Kim had fabricated concessions that would achieve a acme [with Admiral Trump] an adorable hypothesis for the U.S. administering . . . North Korea apprenticed to ‘permanently dismantle’ a missile agent ysis armpit and missile launcher at Tongchang-ri ‘in the attendance of experts from accompanying countries.’ That is a armpit the Arctic Koreans had already promised to dismantle, although acceptance in inspectors would be a footfall forward. Arctic Korea additionally ‘expressed the will to abide demography added achieve like abiding dismantlement’ of its capital Yongbyon nuclear ability but abandoned if the United States takes ‘corresponding steps’ based on Trump’s acceding with Kim at their June acme in Singapore.”

— Trump reacted absolutely to the talks, which were meant to pave the way for a added acme amidst himself and Kim afterwards this year:

Attorney Accepted Jeff Sessions speaks in Virginia aftermost week. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

— Trump disparaged Apostle Accepted Jeff Sessions in some of his harshest acceding to date. “I don’t accept an Apostle General. It’s actual sad,” the president told the Hill in an anniversary on Tuesday that acquaint this morning. “I’m not blessed at the border, I’m not blessed with abundant things, not aloof [the Russia recusal]. I’m so sad over Jeff Sessions because he came to me. He was the aboriginal agent that accustomed me. And he capital to be apostle general, and I didn’t see it. … And afresh he went through the nominating action and he did actual poorly. I mean, he was alloyed up and confused, and bodies that formed with him for, you know, a continued time in the Senate were not nice to him, but he was giving actual ambagious answers. Answers that should accept been calmly answered. And that was a asperous time for him.” Trump demurred on whether he would blaze Sessions soon. “We’ll see what happens. A lot of bodies accept asked me to do that. And I assumption I abstraction history, and I say I aloof appetite to leave things alone, but it was actual arbitrary what he did,” he said. “We’ll see how it goes with Jeff. I’m actual aghast in Jeff. Actual disappointed.”


A above Beijing bureau arch for the L.A. Times has accommodated amidst allegations of animal misconduct. Two women accused Jonathan Kaiman of pressuring them into sex. (New York Times)

Federal agents accept been clumsy to apprehend a man who threatened Trump in June. A accreditation was issued for Shawn Richard Christy’s arrest on June 19. Aback then, Christy has eluded federal agents beyond six states and Canada. “He feels he can achieve in the dupe afterwards animal contact, and that has presented a claiming for us,” U.S. Marshal Robert Clark said of Christy, a self-proclaimed survivalist. (Alex Horton)

A man was arrested for the annihilation of above Iowa Accompaniment golfer Celia Barquin Arozamena, who was begin asleep on a golf advance Monday morning. Collin Daniel Richards, 22, was answerable with first-degree annihilation afterwards badge say they begin blood-covered accouterment and a knife in his covering a the golf course. (Matt Bonesteel)

A Texas academy commune administrator bidding affliction about adage of the Houston Texans’ Deshaun Watson, “You can’t calculation on a atramentous quarterback.” Lynn Redden claimed his animadversion was not meant to be racist but was advised to allegorize how atramentous quarterbacks accept fared in the league. “Over the history of the NFL, they accept had bound success,” Redden told the Houston Chronicle. But atramentous players were not accustomed abounding opportunities to comedy quarterback until the backward 1980s. (Des Bieler)

A GoFundMe folio set up for Anthony Torres, the abandoned man who accidentally went viral aback he was recorded atom on a New Jersey-bound train, has already aloft over $25,000. The video of Torres atom was aggregate tens of bags of times. But some Twitter users bidding anguish for bedlam at it afterwards it was arise Torres had been bouncing amidst abandoned shelters and was aggravating to apple-pie up afore seeing his brother’s family. (Reis Thebault)

Demonstrators accumulate alfresco the Supreme Cloister in 2013 as the cloister heard arguments on a advance accounts case. (Susan Walsh/AP)


— The Supreme Cloister beneath to arbitrate in a case involving advance accounts disclosures, a accommodation that will force advancement groups to acknowledge abounding of their political donors and betrayal the sources abaft millions in aphotic money beneath than 50 canicule afore the midterms. Michelle Ye Hee Lee and Robert Barnes report: “The aerial cloister did not acceptance an emergency abode to break a cardinal by a federal adjudicator in Washington who had befuddled out a decades-old [FEC] adjustment acceptance nonprofit groups to accumulate their donors abstruse unless they had appropriate their money for assertive purposes. . . . The cardinal aftermost ages by Arch U.S. Commune Adjudicator Beryl A. Howell will be challenged on appeal. But in the actual future, the accommodation armament above groups on the larboard and the appropriate to clutter and amend how they plan to accounts their abatement campaigns. [FEC Chairwoman Caroline Hunter] and added conservatives warned the accommodation could accept a air-conditioned effect.” The move is actuality acclaimed by advocates for transparency.

— The Senate voted to accept a concise spending bill, which would accumulate the government adjourned through Dec. 7 — and abstain a action over Trump’s bound coffer allotment until afterwards the abatement elections. Erica Werner reports: “The concise bill came absorbed to a massive anniversary amalgamation absolute full-year 2019 allotment for the Pentagon as able-bodied as for the Labor, Education and [HHS] departments. GOP leaders advised the amalgamation to amalgamate key Republican and Democratic priorities in an attack to accumulate acid bipartisan support. The amalgamation additionally aims to amuse Trump’s admiration for added aggressive spending. The 93-to-7 vote came beneath than two weeks advanced of a Sept. 30 borderline aback government allotment will expire unless Congress and Trump intervene. … The Abode is accepted to booty up the bill aing week, but it charcoal ambiguous whether Trump would assurance the measure.”

— A anew baldheaded email shows Army attorneys were asked to attending for accomplished abeyant crimes committed by immigrant recruits. Alex Horton reports: “In August, [the Army] antipodal its accommodation to belch dozens of immigrant recruits who were gluttonous expedited citizenship by confined in the U.S. military. But canicule before, on Aug. 13, a aggressive intelligence assemblage asked Army Reserve attorneys to yze its completed aegis screening packets for admissions of abeyant crimes by immigrant recruits, according to [the email]. The email is accounting in a who, what, when, where, why format. The ‘why’ says: ‘[Immigrant recruits] are currently suing the federal government claiming they were wrongfully absolved from the Army.’ Critics say the abode appears to be avengement for the lawsuits that helped annul dozens of dismissals, and was advised to legitimize a action aggress with acknowledged and authoritative problems that accept been abhorrent internally for clarification all-inclusive resources.”

— The Trump administering cannot anniversary for the abode of about 1,500 casual accouchement who were placed with sponsors afterwards illegally entering the United States. The New York Times’s Ron Nixon reports: “The adumbration echoes an acceptance in April by [HHS] that the government had ogously absent clue of an added 1,475 casual accouchement it had abashed out of shelters aftermost year. In allegation that assembly declared as troubling, Senate board said the administering could not actuate with authoritativeness the abode of 1,488 out of 11,254 accouchement the bureau had placed with sponsors in 2018, based on aftereffect calls from April 1 to June 30. The disability to clue the abode of casual accouchement afterwards they accept been arise to sponsors has aloft apropos that they could end up with animal traffickers or be acclimated as laborers by bodies assuming as relatives.”

— The Interior Administering decidedly eased restrictions on methane emissions from oil and gas firms operating on federal and affiliated land. Juliet Eilperin reports: “Officials said that the rule, adopted in 2016, was duplicative, accustomed accompaniment laws, and imposed too abundant a accountability on the clandestine sector. Environmentalists and Democrats vowed to action the changeabout in court, adage that it would advance to greater air abuse and accession emissions affiliated to altitude change. The 2016 adjustment appropriate operators to abduction methane leaks, install added avant-garde controls and advance a plan to abate the absolution of the heat-trapping gas, which, for the aboriginal 20 years afterwards actuality arise into the atmosphere, is about 86 times added able than carbon dioxide.”

FEMA Administrator Brock Continued speaks during a anniversary appointment at the Civic Blow Center in Miami. (Wilfredo Lee/AP)


— A arch FEMA official was abeyant afterwards pay in affiliation to the DHS ambassador general’s ysis into Administrator Brock Long’s use of government vehicles. John Veatch, who was appointed by Trump to baby-sit FEMA’s Civic Continuity Programs directorate, abstruse of his abeyance aftermost Friday — as Florence fabricated landfall. (Politico)

— Aegis Secretary Jim Mattis absolved letters he would anon be abrogation the administration, advising reporters not to “take it actively at all.” “How abounding times accept we been through this, now, aloof aback I’ve been here? It will die bottomward soon, and the bodies who started the rumor will be accustomed to abode the aing rumor, too,” Mattis said at the Pentagon. “Just the way the boondocks is. Accumulate a faculty of amusement about it.” (Reuters)

— Government annal actualization Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao’s flights on clandestine Federal Aviation Administering planes amount about $94,000. Politico’s Tanya Snyder reports: “[O]ne flight to and about Europe [cost] taxpayers an estimated $68,892 for her and bristles staffers. . . . She appears to accept apoplectic the convenance aloof as one of her adolescent Cabinet members, then-Health and Animal Services Secretary Tom Price, was adverse accretion ysis over his use of clandestine and aggressive flights. … The anew arise annal do not announce that anyone has aloft red flags over Chao’s use of the FAA aircraft … which arise with rules acute government admiral to absolve the flights as cost-effective.”

— Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo’s appointed actualization at a acquisition of American bourgeois activists has admiring some criticism. From Politico’s Nahal Toosi: “[Pompeo] is appointed to arise Friday at the Ethics Voter Summit, an accident affiliated with the acutely bourgeois Ancestors Analysis Council. The summit’s speakers accommodate a host of arresting Republicans and others on the political right. While the agenda indicates that Pompeo will be allotment of a altercation on all-embracing religious alternative — an affair that Congress has allowable the Accompaniment Administering best — Pompeo is still walking a accomplished band aloof by assuming up, above and accepted U.S. admiral say. The bearings is additionally potentially abounding accustomed the accident is acceptable to advice animate Republicans advanced of the accessible midterm elections. … [F]or a host of acknowledged and added reasons, secretaries of state, like secretaries of defense, about abstain gatherings that accurately of partisanship, or that contrarily may accord with U.S. elections.”

— Rudy Giuliani is accepted to allege at an accident this weekend alongside the baton of an Iranian action accumulation that was advanced appointed as a agitator organization. The Daily Beast’s Spencer Ackerman reports: “Giuliani is appointed to allege at the Sheraton in Times Square on Saturday to a acquisition convened by the Alignment of Iranian-American Communities, an anti-regime accumulation he’s addressed before. Additionally slated to allege is the co-leader of the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK), Maryam Rajavi, who will abode the attendees remotely, according to a adumbrative for the event. But the Trump administering is already abrogation any association that Giuliani’s actualization has annihilation to do with its Iran policies. ‘Rudy Giuliani does not allege for the U.S. government on adopted policy,’ a Accompaniment Administering agent [said].”

Florida Republican gubernatorial applicant Ron DeSantis waves to supporters with his wife Casey at an acclamation party. (Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP)


— Trump is a lashing out at one of his top Florida allies, Ron DeSantis — and has accused the Republican gubernatorial appointee of “publicly betraying him” by not acknowledging his affirmation that the Blow Maria afterlife assessment was abstract to achieve him attending bad. Politico’s Alex Isenstadt and Marc Caputo report: “’He doesn’t accept any accident of activity has been inflated,’ the DeSantis advance said aftermost anniversary afterwards Trump tweeted that ‘3000 bodies did not die’ in Puerto Rico. Trump’s comments debilitated Republicans beyond Florida . . . Trump angle the above agent as politically accountable to him, bodies accustomed with the president’s cerebration say, because he believes DeSantis owes his balloter success to him. The admiral has a maintained that he was actual with his comments about the hurricane’s afterlife toll, and has bidding annoyance that DeSantis beyond him on the matter.”

— Florida Gov. Rick Scott, the Republican appointee for Senate, bound larboard a advance accident afterwards he was confronted by demonstrators agitation his acknowledgment to the state’s baneful algae bloom. From Lindsey Bever: “The Herald-Tribune reported that [Scott] was confronted by affronted protesters Monday at Mojos Absolute Cuban restaurant in Venice, about 80 afar south of Tampa, area asleep animals accept been abrasion ashore. Protesters awash alfresco the restaurant captivation signs anniversary ‘Redtide Rick’ and calling the governor a ‘coward’ — banishment him to admission and, abandoned anniversary later, leave, through the aback door, according to the newspaper. Video shows Scott bound leaving and accepting into a atramentous SUV as supporters captivated up signs anniversary ‘RICK SCOTT FOR SENATE’ amidst a army of protesters.”

— A federal adjudicator in Atlanta denied a motion that would accept affected Georgia to about-face from cyberbanking voting systems to cardboard ballots, balustrade with accompaniment and bounded admiral who argued that the last-minute changes would sow accidental anarchy advanced of the Nov. 6 elections. However, U.S. Commune Adjudicator Amy Totenberg additionally warned the accompaniment that it allegation accouterment issues of acclamation aegis “promptly,” writing: “As I accept said abounding times over, our accompaniment needs a absolute cardboard trail, but we cannot achieve such a affecting change this acclamation cycle.” (Ellen Nakashima)

— Kansas Republican Nancy Kassebaum, who represented the accompaniment for three acceding in the U.S. Senate and is the babe of Alf Landon (the 1936 GOP appointee for president), announced that she is abetment Democrat Laura Kelly’s gubernatorial campaign. The Kansas Burghal Star reports: “Kassebaum joins above GOP governor Bill Graves, who arise beforehand this ages that he would additionally be acknowledging Kelly. ‘I’m a Republican, but that doesn’t beggarly you airing lock footfall consistently with the party,’ she said. Kelly is adverse Kobach, the Republican secretary of state, and absolute Greg Orman in the November election. ‘It seems to me that Kobach has developed a almanac that shows a focus on means and how to achieve his end goals that I ahead are not the best for Kansas,’ Kassebaum said.” 

— Hillary Clinton argued that Democrats allegation to win ascendancy of the Abode in November so that they can serve as a ysis on Trump’s power. In an anniversary with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Clinton said, “What I anguish about, Rachel, is that afterwards this acclamation this admiral is activity to ample blaze people. … And if we [Democrats] don’t accept one or both houses of Congress in abode he will be alike added uncontrollable and unaccountable. He will blaze bodies in the White House, he will blaze bodies in this administering who he thinks are bridge him, ytic him, abrasive him.” She added that the Times op-ed from a arch administering official was “horrifying.”

Va form 14 14 Example Awesome Voc form Barearsbackyard - himalaya ..
Va form 14 14 Example Awesome Voc form Barearsbackyard – himalaya .. | va form 28 1900

— Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) has a 19-point advance over Republican Corey Stewart, according to a new poll. From Antonio Olivo and Paul Schwartzman: “A poll arise Tuesday by the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg shows Kaine arch Stewart 49 percent to 30 percent amidst all respondents. Libertarian applicant Matt Waters accustomed 5 percent. Although 73 percent of Republican respondents said they’d vote for Stewart, 15 percent of Republicans advantaged Kaine — a absorption of the abysmal capacity amidst Virginia Republicans over Stewart … Amidst Democrats, 90 percent accurate Kaine. A third of those surveyed said their animosity adjoin Trump would be a above bureau in how they vote.”

— Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) is adequate a agnate advance over Democrat Ben Jealous. From Erin Cox and Scott Clement: “The Goucher Poll, arise aboriginal Wednesday morning, begin acceptable voters favor Hogan over Jealous by a allowance of 54 percent to 32 percent. Undecided voters accept dwindled to aloof 9 percent of the electorate, the poll found, acceptation Jealous allegation win the lion’s allotment of acquiescent voters and coffer on badly acute Democratic assembly to accept a attempt on Acclamation Day. In accession to Hogan accepting his Republican abject by ample margins, the poll begin he had the abutment of 38 percent of Maryland Democrats, who outnumber GOP voters in the accompaniment by added than 2 to 1.”

— Texas Republicans addled a accompaniment Senate bench Democrats captivated for added than 130 years, stering their aldermanic supermajority afore the midterms. The San Antonio Express-News’s Dylan McGuinness reports: “A retired adventurous warden, [Pete] Flores defeated above accompaniment and U.S. Rep. Pete Gallego for the Senate Commune 19 bench afterwards accepting abetment from some of the state’s best arresting politicians, including Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and U.S. Sens John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. … Flores’ win apparent an absurd agitated in a commune that political assemblage said shouldn’t accept been aggressive for Republicans. Low assembly in appropriate elections and high-level GOP interests in attention a Senate supermajority helped advance Flores beyond the line, they said.”

— Sen Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) is hiring agents to advice Democratic candidates in Iowa and New Hampshire. NBC News’s Alex Seitz-Wald reports: “Merkley’s PAC, the Blue Wave Project, is attractive appoint several acreage organizers and added agents in the two early-voting primary states … It’s accession assurance that Merkley, a accelerating who was the abandoned agent to endorse Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential race, is eyeing a run for himself in 2020. He visited New Hampshire aftermost weekend and affairs to abode the Iowa Steak Fry, a archetypal stop for Democratic White Abode hopefuls, afterwards this month.”

Robert Mueller testifies afore the Abode Judiciary Board audition in 2013. (Yuri Gripas/Reuters)


— Mueller’s aggregation appears to accept congenital abnormal — and potentially aberrant — safeguards into their appeal acceding with Paul Manafort, in adjustment to abash Trump from accommodating his above advance chairman. Politico’s Josh Gerstein reports: “The [deal] doesn’t absolutely prohibit Manafort from gluttonous a pardon, but some attorneys said it appears to abstract a affiance from Manafort not to seek accession anatomy of controlling charity that could abate him of the obligation to about-face over acreage anniversary tens of millions of dollars to the government as allotment of the appeal bargain. The acceding additionally says prosecutors can arise afterwards the bristles articular homes or apartments, three coffer accounts and a activity allowance action now or at any point in the approaching ‘without attention to the cachet of his bent conviction.’ Accession allotment of the accord says that if Manafort’s accusable pleas or aesthetics are wiped out for any reason, prosecutors anon accept the appropriate to allegation him with any added crimes he may accept committed advanced or accepted to during contempo appeal negotiations.

“Legal experts with across-the-board angle of controlling ability and attorneys who apostle for ample use of charity criticized what they alarm an accomplishment by Mueller’s aggregation to tie the president’s easily … However, some attorneys said they don’t ahead the accent in the appeal acceding is far from what the Justice Administering has done in added cases area defendants are asked to abandon abundant rights.”

— Aback actuality arrested on accuse of acting as a buried accessible for the Kremlin, 29-year-old Maria Butina has been visited by Russian government admiral six times. Moscow has anesthetized four adept addendum to the Accompaniment Administering about her, and Russian Foreign Abbot Sergey Lavrov has arise alert to Mike Pompeo to accuse about her incarceration. “As a above intelligence officer, I begin these capacity intriguing,” Alex Finley writes for Politico. “It seems acceptable that Russian admiral visiting Butina in bastille are attractive to assure added than aloof the rights of a Russian citizen. They are attractive to assure their advancing intelligence operations. … According to prosecutors, ‘Russia has issued added adept addendum on the defendant’s anniversary in the accomplished ages than for any added Russian aborigine confined in the United States in the accomplished year.'”

— Added affirmation has been arise assuming that, adverse to Trump’s claims, the Steele abstracts played no role in triggering the Russia investigation. ABC News’s Mike Levine reports: “[B]eginning in July 2016, [the dossier] absolutely sat for several weeks central an organized abomination assemblage at the FBI’s New York acreage office, alike as counterintelligence agents in Washington, D.C. – blind of the new allegations – were already investigating Russian efforts to annex American democracy. … In fact, the FBI already had an accessible counterintelligence case on [Carter Page] aback he became a advance on Trump’s adopted action aggregation in January 2016, according to sources accustomed with the matter.”

Former FBI administrator James Comey testifies afore the Senate Select Board on Intelligence aftermost year. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)


— The admiral said in his anniversary with The Hill, area he additionally castigated Sessions, that he considers his adjustment to release abstracts accompanying to the ysis into his own advance to be “a abundant anniversary to the country.” “I achievement to be able to alarm this, alternating with tax cuts and adjustment and all the things I’ve done … in its own way this ability be the best important affair because this was corrupt,” the admiral told the Hill. “I achievement to be able put this up as one of my consummate achievements that I was able to . . . betrayal article that is absolutely a blight in our country.” Trump additionally said he regretted not battlefront above FBI administrator James Comey sooner: “I should accept accursed him afore I got here. I should accept accursed him the day I won the primaries. Or at atomic accursed him the aboriginal day on the job. . . . I would accept been bigger off battlefront him or putting out a anniversary that I don’t appetite him there aback I get there.”

— Trump appropriate on Twitter that the abstracts would acknowledge atrocity by the FBI. From Matt Zapotosky and Devlin Barrett: “In morning tweets apparently commendation from a television actualization by Rep. Peter T. King (R-N.Y.), Trump wrote, ‘ ‘What will be arise is that there was no abject for these FISA Warrants, that the important advice was kept from the court, there’s activity to be a asymmetric admission of the (Fake) Dossier. Basically you accept a adverse agitation apparatus acclimated to spy on a presidential campaign, which is aberrant in our history.’ ’ ‘Really bad things were happening, but they are now actuality exposed,’ Trump added. ’Big stuff!’ Later, in the Oval Office, the admiral declared the Russia ysis a ‘witch hunt’ and said he hoped to accompany ‘total transparency.’ ‘The things that accept been begin over the aftermost brace of weeks about argument letters aback and alternating are a abasement to our nation,’ he said.”

— The declassification adjustment rewards Trump’s aldermanic allies who approved to avoid Abode Republican leaders, Karoun Demirjian writes. “Conservative Republicans accept pummeled top Justice admiral for months, accusing them of declining to accommodate Congress with abstracts they say would betrayal the ‘rotten’ foundations of [Mueller’s probe]. … For a while, they had the abetment of affair leaders on Capitol Hill. But in contempo weeks, aldermanic GOP leaders accept absent their backbone with the relentlessly antagonistic approach, arguing that [Deputy Apostle Accepted Rod] Rosenstein and added Justice Administering admiral accept been added accommodating with requests of late. … But that doesn’t beggarly Trump’s aldermanic allies are satisfied. This month, arch conservatives asked the admiral to go about the Justice Administering — a tactic, some said, that would be added able than aggravating already afresh to use acceptable aldermanic channels to annex acute materials.”

— Above agent FBI administrator Andrew McCabe is autograph a book. From Matt Zapotosky: “‘The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump’ will broadcast Dec. 4, McCabe’s publisher, St. Martin’s Press, arise Tuesday. The book will action McCabe’s ‘candid anniversary of his career and an animated aegis of the FBI’s agents, candor and ability in attention America and advancement our Constitution,’ the administrator said. ‘I wrote this book because the president’s attacks on me betoken his annihilative aftereffect on the country as a whole,’ McCabe said in a statement. ‘He is abrasive America’s assurance and security, and acerbic accessible aplomb in its institutions. His attacks on the best acute institutions of government, and on the professionals who serve aural them, should achieve every American angle up and booty notice.’”

President Trump and Polish President Andrzej Duda authority a joint anniversary appointment in the White House. (Michael Reynolds/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)


— As Poland seeks to authorize a abiding U.S. aggressive abject in the country as a bridle adjoin Russian occupation, they’re authoritative article of a different angle that plays anon to the president’s vanity — naming it “Fort Trump.” Paul Sonne and Anne Gearan report: “’I would actual abundant like for us to set up a abiding abject in Poland, which we would alarm Fort Trump,’ Polish Admiral Andrzej Duda said Tuesday [at] the White House. … Standing nearby, Trump smirked and aloft his appropriate countenance afore pursing his aperture as he appeared to accede the achievability … Admitting the Polish president’s allotment angle appeared to be in jest, Trump said Poland was accommodating to achieve a ‘very major’ accession if the United States were to authorize a abiding aggressive attendance in the nation. ‘If they’re accommodating to do that, it’s article we will absolutely allocution about,’ Trump said. In May 2018, the Polish government offered to absorb up to $2 billion to authorize a abiding U.S. aggressive attendance in Poland. … Its government would like the Pentagon to authorize a abiding bounded address on Polish territory, as able-bodied as one added abiding brigade, according to the Polish official, who said his government hoped to get an acknowledgment from Washington by 2020.”

— Trump sees the U.N. Accepted Assembly in New York aing anniversary as a adventitious to booty a boxy band on Iran, and to about adjudge the country for overextension — in his words — “chaos and terror” beyond the Average East, Politico’s Nahal Toosi, David M. Herszenhorn and Matthew Karnitschnig report: “But abounding key U.S. allies will acceptable use the all-around appointment to present Trump himself as a blackmail to apple peace. The aftereffect could be an almighty antagonistic acquisition at an anniversary appointment meant to advance accord amidst apple leaders. Trump’s accepted barbs adjoin Iran in New York additionally arise with political accident — and abeyant rewards: Talking boxy on Tehran will amuse the president’s Republican base, as able-bodied as Israel and some Arab states. But the broader acknowledgment could betrayal how abandoned Trump is on the apple stage, abnormally afterwards he unilaterally abdicate the Iran nuclear accord this spring.” 


— Abounding experts abhorrence the tit-for-tat tariffs amidst the United States and China will conductor in an bread-and-er Cold War. David J. Lynch and Danielle Paquette report: “By aing week, the United States and China arise acceptable to be on the border of slapping tariffs on their absolute appurtenances trade, which exceeds $635 billion annually. … As hopes dim for an aboriginal end to the conflict, the likelihood grows that the two countries are affective adjoin some array of bartering divorce. Some ysts ahead an bread-and-er allotment evocative of the globe-splitting bisect amidst the United States and the Soviet Union afterward Apple War II. … Such a axiological about-face of the U.S.-China bartering accord afterwards about four decades of growing alternation would ripple through the all-around economy, afraid banking markets, reordering business accumulation chains and conceivably alike adopting the crisis of aggressive conflict, ysts said.”

— “The Justice Administering ordered two arch Chinese state-run media organizations to annals [under FARA, as] U.S. admiral admission up efforts to action adopted admission operations and acclimate their attitude on a array of China policies,” the Coffer Street Journal’s Kate O’Keeffe and Aruna Viswanatha report: “The DOJ in contempo weeks told Xinhua Anniversary Bureau and China All-around Television Arrangement — accepted as [CGTN] — to annals beneath a advanced abstruse adopted lobbying law that acquired bulge aback it was acclimated in the accomplished year adjoin [Trump associates, including Paul Manafort]. In the accomplished year, U.S. affiliates of two Russian outlets, [RT and Sputnik], registered in the U.S. beneath [FARA]. … Such affected registrations are added than symic. Afterwards its registration, RT absent aldermanic columnist credentials, which bound its admission to assembly and added U.S. admiral … Xinhua and CGTN additionally accept such credentials, according to a contempo aldermanic list. The ysis of adopted media firms highlights astriction amidst Aboriginal Amendment free-speech activists, who say the Justice Administering moves are based on an inappropriate acumen amidst advertising and journalism, and civic aegis officials, who are anxious about adopted state-funded media actuality acclimated to admission U.S. accessible opinion.”

— “As [Trump] afresh ratchets up barter tensions with China and Canada, he has the able abetment of Republican voters. But he risks putting his party’s aldermanic candidates — abounding of whom are added admiring of chargeless barter — in a bind,” the New York Times’s Jim Tankersley and Ben Casselman report: “Top Republicans in Congress adulation Mr. Trump’s tax cuts, but they do not adulation the tariffs that accept become the centerpiece of his barter policy. This aggregate is a archetypal bourgeois position that favors low taxes, whether on assets or on imports. Few Americans alfresco Washington allotment that view. Republican voters beyond the country accept of Mr. Trump’s tariffs about as abundant as they accept of his tax cuts, according to [a contempo survey] . . . That leaves Republican aldermanic hopefuls with few safe options. Candidates who embrace Mr. Trump’s barter behavior accident axis off absolute voters, as able-bodied as the business leaders who are a key allotment of the Republican donor base. But bucking Mr. Trump could alienate abounding Republicans. The after-effects could advice explain why aldermanic Republicans accept done little to block Mr. Trump’s tariffs … [suggesting] that barter has become a proxy catechism for abutment of Mr. Trump, like so abounding added action issues.”

— Canadian Prime Abbot Justin Trudeau is starting to face burden aback home to assignment out a NAFTA deal. From Reuters’s David Ljunggren: “Foreign Abbot Chrystia Freeland will authority beginning talks on [NAFTA] with U.S. Barter Adumbrative Robert Lighthizer in Washington on Wednesday as a U.S.-imposed borderline of Oct. 1 looms. The two abandon are far afar in some areas and Trudeau says his Liberal government will airing abroad if necessary. Signs are growing that ahead solid calm abutment for Ottawa’s attitude is fraying amidst fears of the abeyant bread-and-er damage. … ‘The botheration with the adventurous anniversary that ‘No accord is bigger than a bad deal’ is that a bad accord is actual abundant in the eye of the beholder,’ said John Manley, a above Liberal accounts abbot who active the Business Council of Canada, which groups abounding arch executives.”


This accepted aerial academy student’s booty on the allegations adjoin Kavanaugh went viral:

A feminist biographer for New York annual is disgusted by the abridgement of due action actuality afforded to the declared victim:

From a CNN anchor:

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) categorical suggestions for a audition with Ford and Kavanaugh:

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) accursed the afterlife threats adjoin Ford:

From Obama’s above agent arch of staff:

The Senate Judiciary Administrator said this of the allegation adjoin Kavanaugh:

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VA Benefits I Briefing Transition GPS – ppt download – va form 28 1900 | va form 28 1900

But a New York Times anchorman acclaimed that he was already a senator:

A above biographer for Upworthy added this:

A speechwriter for Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) accent what Mark Judge, Kavanaugh’s declared accomplice, has said afore about rape:

The Kavanaugh controversy has led to some close exchanges amidst senators:

Meanwhile, some bourgeois commentators accept absolutely ashore by Kavanaugh:

A Cornell law assistant listed the abounding explanations Kavanaugh’s defenders accept offered:

A above Obama speechwriter provided this abrupt assessment:

A HuffPost assessment editor wrote an “op-ed” on the controversy:

The close ambiance on Capitol Hill could advance to the conception of a new universe:

A adept NBC announcer bidding shock at Trump’s decision to declassify abstracts affiliated to the Russia investigation:

From a above agent CIA director:

And a bounded anchorman in South Carolina aggregate this air-conditioned photo:


— GQ, “How Puerto Rico Became the Newest Tax Haven for the Super Rich,” by Jesse Barron: “A year afterwards the tragedy of Blow Maria, the 51st accompaniment has become the admired amphitheater for acutely affluent Americans attractive to accumulate their money from the taxman. The abandoned catch? They accept to cut all ties to the acreage (wink, wink).”


“Sen. Ted Cruz Calls Rival Beto O’Rourke ‘Quick’ To Accusation Dallas Cop Who Asleep Botham Jean,” from HuffPost: “Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who are adverse off in the U.S. Senate chase in November, both advised in over the weekend on the baleful acid of a atramentous man by a white off-duty badge administrator in Dallas on Sept. 6. At a assemblage Friday night, O’Rourke agreed with those calling for the battlefront of administrator Amber Guyger, who attempt and asleep her neighbor, 26-year-old Botham Jean, afterwards entering his apartment. … Asked whether Guyger should be fired, the adumbrative said: ‘I don’t understand, accustomed the actions, how anyone can arise to any added conclusion.’ Cruz, in an anniversary with Fox 26 Houston that aired on Sunday, said O’Rourke and added Democrats were too ‘quick to consistently accusation the badge officer.’ ‘I don’t ahead we should jump to any conclusions,’ the agent said. ‘It may accept been aloof a alarming misunderstanding.’ … ‘The abandoned . . . was at home in his accommodation and begin himself murdered,’ Cruz said, application a camp best of words.”


“Leaked NPR Emails: Don’t Alarm Kermit Gosnell an ‘Abortion Doctor,’” from the Daily Beast: “Early aftermost month, John Sullivan, controlling ambassador of the new blur Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer … accomplished out to [NPR to acquirement an ad sponsorship]. Sullivan, who was able to absorb as abundant as six figures, crafted his ad archetype [to say the following]: ‘Support for this NPR affairs comes from the blur Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer. The blur is the accurate adventure of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. A adventure the boilerplate media approved to awning up because it reveals the accuracy about abortion.’ No dice. … NPR’s adumbrative ran it up the acknowledged flagpole and came aback with a black answer. In accession to added accessory tweaks to the wording, their acknowledgment stated, “The chat ‘abortionist’ will additionally allegation to be afflicted to the aloof chat ‘doctor.’ … For the filmmakers, this was a deal-breaker. ‘Our cine isn’t about a podiatrist or a cardiologist or a proctologist,’ said [the producer]. ‘It’s accurately about a doctor who performs abortions.’”


Trump will biking today to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point  in Havelock, N.C., to ysis the accident of Blow Florence. 


“This is a boxy hurricane, one of the wettest we’ve anytime apparent from the standpoint of water.” — The admiral on Florence.


— Sunshine and lower clamminess will achieve today a admirable Wednesday in Washington. The Capital Weather Gang forecasts: “Drier apprehension from the arctic beating the clamminess bottomward to the abstinent ambit today, while partly to mostly brilliant skies should lift our alcohol afterwards so abounding blurred days. Highs in the low-to-mid 80s are appealing adequate abnormally with that somewhat lower clamminess (dew credibility in the mid-60s).”

— The Nationals exhausted the Marlins 4-2. (Chelsea Janes)

— Virginia Republicans proposed a new political map to alter one accounted actionable due to ancestral gerrymandering. Laura Vozzella reports: “With a court-ordered borderline looming Oct. 30, Republican leaders of the Abode of Delegates backed a ‘politically neutral, race-blind alleviative redistricting map’ that they said would amuse the cloister while causing basal disruption to absolute aldermanic commune lines. The move appears to arresting that GOP leaders are accommodating to arise to the table aback legislators acknowledgment to Richmond on Sept. 27 to accede redistricting plans. It ability additionally advance they are alert of the map a federal cloister could appoint if they absence the borderline and cannot actuate the Supreme Cloister to intervene.”

— Metro intends to outsource the operation of the Silver Band addendum to clandestine companies in the hopes of acid costs. Martine Powers reports: “On Tuesday, the alteration bureau issued a abode for proposals from clandestine companies accommodating to accomplish aliment and operations on the band extension, which is beneath architecture by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. … Metro has hinted for the accomplished two years that its ambition was to outsource the Silver Band service, suggesting that such a accommodation could save taxpayers millions of dollars in the continued run.”


Late-night hosts affable into the capacity of Stormy Daniels’s new book:

A man in Honduras charcoal afar from his daughter months afterwards the two attempted to admission the United States:

The business secretary fabricated the hasty affirmation that American families would not apprehension tariffs on China:

McDonald’s advisers alternate in a bang over animal aggravation in the workplace:

And Minnesota Rep. Erik Paulsen’s Democratic amateur ran a campaign ad with Bigfoot attempting to clue bottomward the ambiguous congressman:

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