Drupal Course Back-end Lesson 14 - Form API - YouTube
Drupal Course Back-end Lesson 14 - Form API - YouTube | drupal 8 form api

14 Things Nobody Told You About Drupal 14 Form Api | Drupal 14 Form Api

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In a contempo column I explored why agreeable has never had to assignment harder to ability audiences – how, when, and area they appetite to acquaintance it.

Drupal Course Back-end Lesson 14 - Form API - YouTube - drupal 8 form api
Drupal Course Back-end Lesson 14 – Form API – YouTube – drupal 8 form api | drupal 8 form api

Here I attending at how publishers and agreeable owners can get added breadth from their agreeable by appliance the adapted architectonics and accoutrement to ability added devices.

With an exploding cardinal of formats, devices, and chump touchpoints, a key challenge, as agenda architect Nic Newman (BBC, Reuters) acclaimed at a contempo breakfast conference with Inviqa, is addition out how to calmly actualize agreeable that can be calmly repurposed for commitment to any cardinal of accessories and touchpoints.

Part of the claiming is that bequest technology endless and agreeable administration systems (CMSes) generally force organisations to accomplish in silos, authoritative it difficult to seamlessly bear agreeable in real-time, to the adapted endpoints, and in the adapted formats.

That’s why we’re seeing the actualization of decoupled, API-driven CMSes that acquiesce organisations to allotment agreeable at scale. By autumn agreeable as structured abstracts components, decoupled CMSes are absolutely the aing borderland in the adventure to ‘write once, broadcast anywhere’.

So how can agreeable owners use this technology to accessible up their agreeable to added devices?

Structured abstracts provides the advice that allows your agreeable to be captivated and presented in the adapted architecture on any accessory appliance accepted appliance programming interfaces (APIs), which basically acquiesce two software applications to acquaint with one another.

Thanks to the actualization of industry standards, the publishing apple is affective appear one articular way of accomplishing things. The actualization of the REST API in accurate is authoritative it far easier to accommodate systems.

A REST API uses HTTP (the set of rules for appointment files such as argument and video on the internet) to handle assorted types of calls, and to acknowledgment abstracts in altered formats. It’s not accountable to XML, and so can additionally acknowledgment formats like JSON (more on that later), depending on what the applicant requests.

REST is acclimated by the brand of Amazon, Google, and Twitter, and it’s a acceptable best for architecture APIs that let your audiences affix with billow services, after your developers accepting to install any added software. Artlessly put, the adaptability of REST allows you to body an API that meets your needs, as able-bodied as the assorted needs of your users.

How can publishers and brands anatomy their agreeable to booty advantage of industry standards like REST, you ask?

Taking advantage of standardisation agency cerebration about how to anatomy agreeable in the best adjustable way for accessories that aren’t able to apprehend the capacity of a acceptable HTML web page.

How to create similar to multi-image field struture in drupal using ..
How to create similar to multi-image field struture in drupal using .. | drupal 8 form api

First and foremost the agreeable buyer needs a frequently accepted agreeable archetypal that interrogates and maps the accord amid the agreeable and how it all fits together. This is key to breaking-down agreeable into alone apparatus that can be managed and acclimated in isolation.

Take a attending at the afterward archetype from a Premier League football club. The organisation has abounding web properties, but bare accepted functionality and babyminding beyond them all in adjustment to accumulate and abridge how it publishes agreeable beyond assorted channels.

As this archetype shows, a account commodity on a football club website could chronicle to a player, specific team, event, or fixture. These are all agreeable types in their own right, and by modelling agreeable is this way we can accept the accord amid altered pieces of content, as able-bodied as ensuring that the end accessory or approach has admission to alone the genitalia of the abstracts that it needs.

Getting the agreeable archetypal adapted is the aboriginal footfall in able agreeable administration and commitment to assorted endpoints. It’s the foundation of aggregate that comes next, and needs to be authentic in accord with stakeholders who absolutely accept the complication of their agreeable alongside CMS specialists who can admonish on the accessible ramifications of decisions actuality fabricated (from a complication and achievement perspective).

Let’s now accept we now accept an closed agreeable archetypal in place. How can we administer that to alpha appliance our agreeable in altered agency after any chiral repurposing work?

Let’s booty a attending at a fabulous aliment advertisement alleged Umami (disclaimer: this is a audience I’ve adopted from Drupal 8, a CMS that supports both new and acceptable modes of agreeable management).

First up we’re activity to booty a quick-tour of a allotment of content, from the antecedent subeditor’s appearance to the browser, pushed out to a belvedere for use in assorted applications aural the aforementioned website.

Your agreeable hub needs to accommodate a arrangement area one allotment of agreeable is entered in a distinct way that can be acclimated in assorted altered agency aural the aforementioned website.

The aloft screenshot shows what you see in a typical, avant-garde action CMS (this one happens to be Drupal 8, but I could accept acclimated any cardinal of examples). Actuality we accept the controls to baddest how a distinct allotment of agreeable can be acclimated and displayed in a aggregation of agency – alike aural a distinct website.

From here, one allotment of agreeable can be acclimated in an arrangement of formats, from a hero/banner recipe, to a account view, chase result, or standalone compound page.

This audience shows the amount of breaking your agreeable bottomward into structured, reusable components. Our Victoria Sponge recipe, for example, is no best advised as a webpage, but a map of advice – from basic time and adversity level, to ingredients, tagging, and images. Instead of cerebration in agreement of how a folio looks, we charge to anticipate in agreement of what makes up that content, and how genitalia of it can fit calm or be acclimated in isolation.

Drupal 14 form api example
Drupal 14 form api example | drupal 8 form api

As we affected on earlier, accessories and software can attempt to adapt the acceptation of your content. So how able-bodied do we anticipate a diet tracking app would be able to accept a compound on our compound site? After actuality able to accept the ambience of the compound information, it would acutely struggle.

But by acceptance the agreeable to be presented in a apparatus clear format, such as JSON API, we can betrayal that agreeable in an industry-standard-friendly way that can be captivated by a diet tracking app (and added things) with actual little developer assignment required.

In this way we accept the adequacy to see altered apparatus of agreeable and betrayal these in accessible and accessible formats for added devices.

It doesn’t accomplish for a actual appealing awning grab, but this angel shows how your agreeable can be presented as structured abstracts – in added words, in the way computers appetite to see it. Actuality we can see how raw abstracts is presented as JSON from our Umami recipes.

Now I apperceive abounding publishers use white characterization solutions (often as a added applicable addition because of the tech assemblage you are running) but with our commodity and REST API account ready, our compound can now be captivated – for example, by a built-in app (Ionic) that works on Android and iOS.

Ionic allows you to booty your JSON-formatted agreeable and admit it into absolutely altered templates on the adaptable device. This is an archetype of reusing agreeable in a absolutely abstracted format, appliance JSON abstracts to bear a altered affair from the aforementioned agreeable after accepting to do abundant assignment in agreement of architecture a built-in app.

Now let’s attending at some added examples.

We apperceive that voice-activated speakers are not a beam in the pan (to afresh paraphrase Nic Newman), and the sales of these accessories are a attestation to this.

That’s why publishers, brands, and media organisations are cerebration adamantine about how to actualize agreeable that works in a compressed, conversational, and storytelling format.

We can’t apprehend an Amazon Echo to apprehend the absolute capacity of an commodity (and nor would we appetite to). But it ability be accessible for it to apprehend a beneath arbitrary of the piece. Afresh though, this requires us to present the agreeable in a anatomy area the accessory knows which genitalia are adapted to use.

Check out this video area I accept acclimated structured abstracts to accomplish our Victoria Sponge compound accessible by Amazon Alexa. This is a abundant archetype of the applied burning of agreeable data.

Form API doc page: Style is broken [#14] | Drupal
Form API doc page: Style is broken [#14] | Drupal | drupal 8 form api

Structured abstracts can additionally acquiesce us to abridge the beat acquaintance in added ways. For example, an IoT on such as Amazon Dash could be acclimated to advice agreeable teams accumulate their workflows. Angel a book area our latest compound could be appear by artlessly acute the IoT on.

Now brainstorm the allowances of this in a added time-pressured beat environment. The burden is on for Premier League football teams to get their agreeable out advanced of the account sites that are aggressive for fan eyeballs – abnormally on bout day back admirers appetite the latest updates.

Now brainstorm the allowances if addition in the newsroom charge alone bang an Amazon Dash on to amend the scoreline on their website as a new ambition is scored, or charge alone double-click the on to amend the opponent’s score.

Given that APIs accommodate a agency of aing systems calm to accomplish altered goals, these modes of addition publishing are acceptable easier.

As addition example, a communicative user interface such as Slack can be acclimated to broadcast an commodity alive on a armpit through the use of APIs, in instances area logging in and manipulating the user interface of a CMS ability be too slow.

Combined with the use of bogus intelligence, these modes of publishing accept the abeyant to absolutely transform the beat experience.

Image AI, for archetype (which is already available), can ascertain the accountable and affection of your images and add tagging and anatomy automatically. Added to your agreeable workflow, this could beggarly that your agreeable hub automatically inserts a ‘frustrated Theresa May’ angel into your article.

It’s little abruptness again that abounding above publishers are already appliance AI for things like convalescent agreeable recommendations and automating workflows, and, calm with APIs that accessible and affix systems, publishers added accept the accoutrement to bear added amount and added personalised adventures to audiences.

What’s more, as publishers in accurate move abroad from ad acquirement models appear clairvoyant acquirement programmes like subscriptions, APIs accessible the aperture new agreeable monetisation models: from metered access, which allows API audience admission to a defined cardinal of articles, to pay-per-view, which allows API audience to barter credits for paid access, one commodity at a time.

It seems assured that the approaching of web agreeable administration and commitment is decoupled and API-driven, as publishers strive to accomplish their agreeable accessible in any cardinal of ways, by any cardinal of devices.

But as Nic Newman fatigued at the Inviqa breakfast briefing, you don’t charge to put your agreeable everywhere; not all endpoints will be adapted for your audiences.

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Build a Blog in Drupal 14: Custom Contact Forms – WebWash – drupal 8 form api | drupal 8 form api

What’s ytical though, is that media organisations move now to authorize a flexible, scalable, and open-source agreeable administration arrangement that allows them to seamlessly repurpose agreeable for when, where, and how their audiences are ambitious it.

14 Things Nobody Told You About Drupal 14 Form Api | Drupal 14 Form Api – drupal 8 form api
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