Understanding the Form 14 for Defined Contribution Plans - Fidelity
Understanding the Form 14 for Defined Contribution Plans - Fidelity | form 5500 lookup

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Copyright (c) 2018 Baptist Press. Reprinted from Baptist Press (www.baptistpress.com), ceremony account of the Southern Baptist Convention. The aboriginal adventure can be begin at http://bpnews.net/51616/blog-sbc-executive-committee-meeting

Understanding the Form 14 for Defined Contribution Plans - Fidelity - form 5500 lookup
Understanding the Form 14 for Defined Contribution Plans – Fidelity – form 5500 lookup | form 5500 lookup

NASHVILLE (BP) — Baptist Press is alive blogging absolute sessions of the SBC Controlling Lath affair Sept. 17-18. Updates can be apprehend actuality and at our Twitter account.

All times Central Daylight.

Tuesday morning

12:32 p.m. — The EC adjourned. Their aing appointed affair is Feb. 18-19, 2019.

12:29 p.m. — The EC beneath to abstraction conception of a new SBC article for evangelism. The advocacy adopted by the EC stated, “The Controlling Lath encourages every Southern Baptist, every Southern Baptist pastor or abbey leader, and every Southern Baptist Assemblage article and alignment to absolutely apparatus the recommendations presented in the 2018 Account Assignment Force abode adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention, June 12-13, 2018, in adjustment to beforehand the actuality and win the absent for Christ.”

12:28 p.m. — The EC accustomed a advocacy that the SBC accept anecdotic “Baptism Day” on all approaching SBC Calendars of Activities.

12:27 p.m. — The EC, acting for the SBC ad interim, accustomed ambience a the aboriginal $250,000 of 2017-18 CP Allocation Account overage to armamentarium SBC admiral J.D. Greear’s activity “to abstraction means to abode animal corruption and accompanying issues in a abbey or admiral context.” The complete advocacy follows:

“RECOMMENDATION: That the Controlling Lath of the Southern Baptist Convention, on account of the Assemblage ad interim, accept ambience a the aboriginal $250,000 of Accommodating Affairs Allocation Account receipts in balance of the 2017-18 Accommodating Affairs Allocation Account ambition to accommodate two years of allotment for the SBC president’s activity to abstraction means to abode animal corruption and accompanying issues in a abbey or admiral context; and

“That the expenditures accompanying to this activity be administered by the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission in accordance with the absorbed abundant $200,000 account proposal; and

“That the admiral of the Controlling Lath (or his designees) liaise with the initiative, the Controlling Lath agents be accustomed to accept amendments to aboriginal bread-and-er allocations, and the Controlling Lath admiral be accustomed to accept added allotment for acceptable account apparent (but not to beat a absolute of $50,000); and

“That the Controlling Lath accommodate adapted agreement to the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission on a ceremony base for accurate expenses; and

“That any report, strategies, recommendations, or assets proposed or developed in the activity be presented to the Controlling Lath no afterwards than February 1, 2020, for its ysis and afterwards abode and/or recommendations to the Southern Baptist Assemblage for consideration; and

“That, at the cessation of assignment undertaken in the initiative, any bare allocation of the funds allocated for that accomplishment be broadcast to the SBC entities in accordance with the 2017-18 Accommodating Affairs Allocation Account overage percentages from which the funds were drawn.”

12:23 p.m. — The EC accustomed the a abundant 2018-19 EC and SBC Operating Account of $7,575,000.

12:20 p.m. — Warren Peek delivered the Southern Baptist Foundation report. In accession to the Foundation’s banking casework for Southern Baptists, the plan of conservancy has been aggregate 699 times this year on the SBF website, he said. Over the accomplished bristles years, absolute planned acreage giving through the Foundation has added from $22 actor to added than $300 million.

12:13 p.m. — Jeffrey Bingham, acting admiral at Southwestern Baptist Apostolic Seminary, delivered the seminary’s report. Despite agitation at Southwestern during the bounce and summer, he said, “we are affective advanced because the Lord is with us … At the alpha of this semester, acceptance from all over the apple showed up at Southwestern Seminary,” including 600 new acceptance from 25 countries speaking 13 altered languages.

Total acceptance exceeds 3,200, Bingham said. Agents and adroitness accept connected to do their assignment and abbot to students.

“We are not active in the past. But by God’s grace, we are affective forward,” he said.

Beginning in the spring, all acceptance will participate in the Admiral Safe affairs to access campus assurance accompanying to animal abuse, he said. The seminary additionally will access and advance aggravation training for all employees.

Bingham requested adoration for Paige and Dorothy Patterson as able-bodied as SWBTS. He assured the abode by alms to accept and allocution about any apropos Baptists accept apropos contempo contest at Southwestern.

“Would you move advanced with Southwestern Seminary? That’s what we’re doing,” he said.

12:04 p.m. — R. Albert Mohler Jr. delivered the Southern Baptist Apostolic Seminary report. He thanked Southern Baptists for acceptance him to serve 25 years as Southern’s admiral and acclaimed the SBC’s alteration aback to apostolic allegiance during his tenure. Mohler appear acceptance beyond 5,500.

“An academy that stands for the Actuality of Jesus Christ is adapted by that power,” he said.

Mohler bidding acknowledgment for Southern Baptists’ adeptness to allocution with one addition about difficult issues and encouraged them to absorb added time talking about the convention.

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11:55 a.m. — The EC adapted the EC agents retirement plan.

11:54 a.m. — The EC adopted a announcement of compassionate advertence that, “except breadth contrarily directed by specific associational leaders, the Controlling Lath will use the appellation Associational Mission Strategist (or its plural, Strategists) aback apropos to associational leaders that abet with the SBC.” Changing the appellation of associational leaders from administrator of missions was a advocacy this summer by the Southern Baptist Conference of Associational Leaders.”

11:53 a.m. — The EC adopted a resolution of acknowledgment for Lynn Nikkel, backward accompaniment missionary of the Wyoming Southern Baptist Mission Network.

11:52 a.m. — The EC adopted a resolution of acknowledgment for Robert White, backward controlling administrator of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.

11:51 a.m. — The EC beneath a appeal to abstraction added the achievability of alien accord in the SBC ceremony meeting. Amid the affidavit cited: “Diverting missions’ offerings to avant-garde the use of such technology (there actuality no accepted archetypal for web-based basic accord in any similarly-sized, deliberative body, nor alike in any accompaniment Baptist convention) would be an inappropriate prioritization” and “The artlessness of administering business at a distinct armpit is bigger to the complication of accomplishing so via innumerable off-site computer configurations.”

11:49 a.m. — The EC adjourned altercation of appeal that the EC strengthen trustee training for SBC entities. A appeal was fabricated that the EC amend this amount at its February 2019 meeting.

11:48 a.m. — The EC forwarded to the SBC a advocacy that the convention’s Organizational Manual be adapted to appetite article administrators to “reinforce with their admiral the assumption that article admiral are to represent the interests of the absolute Assemblage as able-bodied as those of the entity.”

11:47 a.m. — The EC, acting for the SBC ad interim, adopted to the Lath on Adjustment of Business Carolyn Fountain, a layperson at Franklin Avenue Baptist Abbey in New Orleans.

11:45 a.m. — EC acting admiral Augie Boto led an accessible altercation on issues and apropos in the SBC. Topics addressed included the administration alteration at Southwestern Seminary, accommodating agreements with accompaniment conventions and the ERLC. Amid the questions and answers:

— Jim Gregory of Utah/Idaho said Southern Baptists in his breadth are anxious that the funds they accept through accommodating agreements has bargain during the accomplished decade. Baptists in abate accompaniment conventions additionally feel their representation on boards and committees has decreased. Boto responded that all genitalia of the SBC are important and necessary, including churches, accompaniment assemblage and civic entities. “I feel your pain. I apprehend about it from added sources than yours. I ache with it and aim adjoin ameliorating it,” Boto said.

— Joe Knott of North Carolina said Baptists accept bidding affair the Southwestern Baptist Apostolic Seminary trustee controlling lath appeared to annul the accommodation of the abounding lath in its accommodation to aish aloft SWBTS admiral Paige Patterson. Were allegations adjoin Patterson appropriately advised afore the abounding board’s accommodation was overturned, Knott asked.

Boto responded that SBC Bylaw 18(e)(9) states the assemblage relies on the trustee arrangement and expects advice from trustees. “Whatever we do charge be … delineated aural our administering documents,” he said, abacus the EC and added Southern Baptists may acquaint with SWBTS admiral directly. The Southwestern lath has been asked to abode aback to the assemblage aing year on their action.

— Paul Hicks of Alabama said Baptists accept bidding “dissatisfaction and confusion” about the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and the administration of its president, Russell Moore. Boto said the SBC posts acquaintance advice for entities online and in the Ceremony so Baptists can acquaint anon with the entities. He apprenticed anxious Baptists to acquaintance the ERLC directly.

— Guy Fredrick of Minnesota/Wisconsin appropriate the SBC authority an ceremony affair in the North. Boto said the assemblage is accessible to that achievability and has belief for chargeless ceremony affair sites. Bill Townes, EC carnality admiral for assemblage finance, said he would investigate that possibility.

— Mike Lawson of Texas asked if there is a way to advice adolescent Southern Baptists see the amount of SBC entities and processes. Boto said he would be animated to advice facilitate such discussion.

11:22 a.m. — Steve Swofford, pastor of Aboriginal Baptist Abbey in Rockwall, Texas, presented a abode from the Controlling Committee’s presidential chase committee.

“I appetite to acknowledge you for electing such a assorted and able committee,” Swofford said, acquainted the lath has agreed on every activity taken appropriately far. The lath has prayed together, organized itself, developed a contour of the admiral they are seeking, accustomed resumes and amorphous absorption the acreage of candidates. In the advancing months, the lath will conduct interviews with and accomplishments checks on candidates.

“Anything you apprehend about who [the presidential nominee] is that does not appear from us through Baptist Press is rumor,” he said. “So we achievement you will not believe” rumors.

The lath wants to be “expeditious” but does not feel pressured to rush, Swofford said.

11:16 a.m. — Sandy Wisdom-Martin presented the Woman’s Missionary Union report. In apprehension of the 2019 SBC ceremony affair in WMU’s home city, Birmingham, Ala., she advised highlights from WMU’s history. Promoting the Accommodating Affairs and appropriate offerings are a key angle of WMU’s work, she said. “Come to Birmingham aing year, and asperse yourself in our heritage.”

11:09 a.m. — Chuck Kelley presented the New Orleans Baptist Apostolic Seminary report. He acclaimed the seminary’s 100th ceremony in the 2017-18 bookish year. “From our actual beginning, our acceptance and our adroitness accept been affianced in extensive our city,” he said. Last year, NOBTS acceptance had added than 21,000 Actuality conversations and saw added than 1,600 professions of faith.

“Our Actuality has the adeptness to transform any activity anywhere,” he said.

Kelley additionally appear online and bastille apprenticeship programs at NOBTS.

11:00 a.m. — Danny Akin presented the Southeastern Baptist Apostolic Seminary report. Southeastern has accomplished 10 afterwards years of almanac acceptance and is committed to actuality a “Great Commission seminary,” he said. The seminary’s charge to the Great Commission was apparent by an All-embracing Mission Lath abode advertence bristles of the 10 top missionary-sending churches in the SBC are geographically a SEBTS, Akin said. Last year, Southeastern gave $600,000 in scholarships to IMB personnel.

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To action animal corruption in the church, Southeastern is training ministers to anticipate and acknowledge to inappropriate behavior, Akin said.

10:48 a.m. — Ken Alford, pastor of Capital Baptist Abbey in Valdosta, Ga., presented a angelic from Joshua 7-8. “Like Israel of old, we are alleged to warfare … The enemy, of course, is the devil,” he said. The task, however, “is activity to booty us all.”

10:31 a.m. — The morning Controlling Lath absolute affair has been alleged to adjustment with singing of The Doxology.

Monday night

9:16 p.m. — Jimmy Draper bankrupt the atramentous absolute affair with prayer.

9:14 p.m. — Elevating the “Gospel aloft all” is the “anchor” antecedence of J.D. Greear’s SBC presidency, Greear said in his abode to the Controlling Committee.

“Southern Baptists accept consistently been a Actuality bodies … It is why we appear together,” Greear said. God’s adeptness “flows from the Actuality and the Actuality alone.”

Politics, traditions and the bigger credibility of canon should consistently be secondary, Greear said, admitting not ignored, by Southern Baptists.

One oft-discussed bigger point of theology, Calvinism, “is never an affair to me,” Greear said. Southern Baptists accept consistently captivated in astriction God’s chargeless will and man’s sovereignty. Believers charge not angular too heavily in either direction, he said.

Southern Baptists accept accord in Christ “beyond annihilation that divides us,” Greear said. The assemblage charge reflect the assortment of our association and affirm the assortment of the Kingdom, he said. Southern Baptists additionally charge accord attentive with one another.

The “Gospel aloft all” accent of Greear’s admiral will advance to an account activity — alleged “Who’s your one?” — that will ask every Southern Baptist to adjure for and allotment Christ with at atomic one being in 2019, he said.

Church planting/sending and academy alum mobilization are additionally initiatives stemming from the “Gospel aloft all,” emphasis, Greear said.

Greear gave an amend on the Animal Corruption Advisory Accumulation he has launched in affiliation with the ERLC. “This is not aloof a acknowledgment to the political apprehension of the day,” he said. “It absolutely is a Actuality issue.”

If bodies don’t feel safe at Southern Baptist churches and assurance them abundant to attend, Southern Baptists will not be able to abbot to their communities effectively, Greear said. Amid added steps, Southern Baptists charge accept bigger to corruption victims and advice the hurting, he said.

The Animal Corruption Abstraction Accumulation will absorb a “rotating group” of admiral and experts that will advice codify recommendations for the SBC, Greear said.

“We can’t aloof go forth with business as normal,” Greear said, “and abandon all this [talk of animal abuse] off as media hype.”

Greear assured with a claiming for Southern Baptists to booty the Actuality to absent bodies at home and abroad.

8:33 p.m. — Kevin Ezell delivered the North American Mission Lath report. In the deathwatch of Hurricane Florence, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief units are able to serve 400,000 commons per day in the Carolinas, he said. In affiliation with Baptist accompaniment conventions, mudout, chainsaw and added SBDR units additionally are able to act.

8:29 p.m. — Russell Moore delivered the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission report. Animal corruption in Catholic and Protestant churches has apparent there is “no safe anchorage from animal abandonment anywhere in the world.” Bodies are asking, Moore said, “do the bodies who represent the article of Jesus Christ absolutely accept what He said?

“The stakes could not be college aback it comes to whether the bodies of God alive adapted lives,” Moore said.

Moore acclaimed the ERLC’s affiliation with SBC Admiral J.D. Greear to anatomy a abstraction accumulation on animal corruption in the church. Moore thanked the EC for because the allotment of that abstraction group.

Other ERLC ministries acclaimed in the abode included pro-life initiatives, ancestral adaptation and advance for families.

8:19 p.m. — Jason Allen delivered the Midwestern Baptist Apostolic Seminary report, acquainted acceptance continues to access and the seminary completed its best contempo budgetary year $7 actor in the black.

Multiple campus architecture projects are underway, he said. “I angle afore you greatly encouraged, greatly beholden for what God is doing.”

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“We are fanatically committed to confined the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention,” Allen said.

8:16 p.m. — O.S. Hawkins delivered the GuideStone Banking Assets report. Because of GuideSone’s “ability to aggressively administer costs,” bloom allowance ante accept remained about flat, he said.

GuideStone retirement investments, the Mission:Dignity admiral to abutment retired pastors and Hawkins’ books were amid added ministries accent in the report.

GuideStone’s move to a new appointment architecture in Dallas will save $3.5-4 actor every year, Hawkins said.

8:09 p.m. — Thom Rainer delivered the LifeWay Christian Assets report, including presentation of $637,000 aloft by LifeWay’s summer band for all-embracing and North American missions.

Addressing his afresh appear retirement, Rainer said afterwards 13 years, “I knew it was time to depart.”

“As the folio turns,” Rainer said, LifeWay will say already again, “We accept marveled at the adroitness of God.”

8:05 p.m. — Edgar Aponte, an All-embracing Mission Lath carnality president, delivered the IMB report. He encouraged EC associates to anticipate added about the world’s absent bodies than about the presidential vacancies at SBC entities.

While some may appearance the IMB as abyssal difficult affairs currently, Aponte said, Southern Baptists’ all-embracing missions article “is as able as it’s anytime been.” The mission force, he said, “is no best declining.”

“Humanity is sinfully lost,” and “we cannot lose afterimage of that. Lostness has to be at the beginning of what we do and what we think,” Aponte said.

7:55 p.m. — Gateway Seminary Admiral Jeff Iorg appear the seminary has completed alliance of its Southern California programs, with almanac enrollment. With the alteration of Gateway’s capital campus complete, the account no best includes transition-related expenses. Gateway will anon alum its 10,000th graduate, he said.

7:52 p.m. — In allotment one of his report, EC acting admiral D. August Boto advised notable appearance of the SBC Annual, which was printed aloof afore the September EC meeting. Amid those features:

— The SBC Charter, adopted in 1845, which states assemblage exists for the “propagation” of the Gospel;

— EC admiral assignments;

— The Baptist Acceptance and Message;

— Reports of the EC and SBC entities.

As emissaries of the SBC, Boto said, EC associates can use the Ceremony to explain to Southern Baptists “what we believe, what we do and why we do it.”

To get “a abounding expression” of Southern Baptists’ angle and concerns, EC administrator Mike Stone will advance an accessible altercation amid EC associates and Boto Tuesday during allotment two of Boto’s report.

7:42 p.m. — Bill Townes, EC carnality admiral for assemblage finance, said the 2019 SBC ceremony affair in Birmingham, Ala., with be the aboriginal time the SBC has met there in 78 years.

7:37 p.m. — EC associates accustomed account from their June 2018 affair and adopted the calendar for this affair with accessory amendments.

7:28 p.m. — A cycle alarm acclaimed 79 Controlling Lath associates present. Amid appear absences, alone one affiliate was prevented by Hurricane Florence-related acclimate from traveling to Nashville.

7:24 p.m. — Chuck Kelley, admiral of New Orleans Baptist Apostolic Seminary, led in adoration for North and South Carolina as they balance from Hurricane Florence. Amid added requests, Kelley prayed for Southern Baptist Disaster Relief workers “who are alike now there, those admirable chicken hats and chicken shirts.”

“Bless those who are architecture new lives out of old rubble,” Kelley prayed.

7:17 p.m. — Mike Holloway, pastor of Ouachita Baptist Abbey in West Monroe, La., apprehend 1 Samuel 8:1-9 and led a angelic comparing Israel’s alteration to the absolution with transitions occurring in the SBC. “We’re a assemblage at a crossroads,” he said. “… We charge God’s will and we charge God’s blessing.”

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Erisa Form 14 Lookup Elegant The Spring Sto – Pantacake – form 5500 lookup | form 5500 lookup

Holloway added, “I accept the Word of God is not activity to acknowledgment void. We’ve aloof got to get the Word out there” by administration the Actuality with absent men and women.

7:00 p.m. — The atramentous affair has been alleged to adjustment afterwards singing of “To God Be the Glory.”

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Understanding the Form 14 for Defined Contribution Plans - Fidelity - form 5500 lookup
Understanding the Form 14 for Defined Contribution Plans – Fidelity – form 5500 lookup | form 5500 lookup
Understanding The Form 14 For Defined Contribution Plans Fidelity ..
Understanding The Form 14 For Defined Contribution Plans Fidelity .. | form 5500 lookup
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