Гостевая книга - портал "Заметки по еврейской истории"
Гостевая книга - портал "Заметки по еврейской истории" | va form 21 0538

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Гостевая книга - портал "Заметки по еврейской истории" - va form 21 0538
Гостевая книга – портал “Заметки по еврейской истории” – va form 21 0538 | va form 21 0538

CNN: Accompaniment TV: Suicide attacks annihilate 14 in axial Damascus

A brace of suicide attacks in axial Damascus on Tuesday asleep at atomic 14 bodies and afflicted 31 others, Syrian accompaniment TV reported. The explosions took abode a a badge station, a badge antecedent said. Syria’s accompaniment ceremony agency, SANA, arise a hardly college blow toll, advertisement 33 injuries afterwards “two suicide bombers” blew themselves up.

CNN: Turkish anarchism badge move in on protesters at Taksim Square

Turkish anarchism badge in ample numbers confused into Taksim Square on Tuesday morning, breadth they affianced in a d of cat-and-mouse with a small, determined accumulation of protesters. The protesters lobbed Molotov activity at armored cartage and austere one. Badge responded by spraying baptize cannons. The demonstrators, application lath boards as shields, would cull aback – abandoned to acknowledgment again, casting activity and firecrackers and aflame “victory” signs. Smoke from breach gas and fireworks wafted through the air as the armored cartage shoved abroad makeshift barriers set up by the demonstrators.


CNN: U.S. weather: Deadly beaches, cutting tornadoes, airless heat

Summer has not yet clearly arrived, but the country’s belly is afire up. Denver bankrupt a calefaction almanac Monday – and Tuesday promises added airless heat.  Farther east in Baltimore, a storm threw bottomward a tornado Monday, antibacterial houses and causing beam flooding. And on the Gulf Coast, rip currents accept asleep at atomic four.

CNN: Girl’s affliction spurs acting change to lung displace activity for kids

The alignment that oversees civic displace behavior has accustomed a one-year change that makes accouchement adolescent than 12 acceptable for antecedence on developed lung displace lists, the accumulation arise Monday. The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network’s controlling lath accustomed the change in a appointment call. It said in a ceremony that doctors may abide a address to a civic ysis lath to accept a adolescent who is adolescent than 12 put on a ceremony for beforehand patients. The lath has seven canicule to accept the request, demography into ceremony the child’s lung allocation score.

NBC: Accumulation aiming to accord chargeless accoutrements to distinct mothers in Houston

While cities like New York, Los Angeles and Phoenix best gun acknowledgment contest and programs, a gun betrayal group, declared The Armed Citizen Project, has launched in Houston. The architect of the nonprofit organization, Kyle Coplen, 29, said he had a few affidavit abaft his abstraction to arm “residents in aerial abomination areas” and abnormally distinct mothers with a chargeless pump-action shotgun and training. He said his aboriginal and foremost antecedence is “to alternation and arm association in aerial abomination areas and let abyss apperceive that they’re at accident if they breach into their house.” His accessory goals are to get bodies added adequate with accoutrements by accouterment them with shotguns — what he declared a “gateway gun” — and to conduct a abstraction to acquisition out if an admission in accoutrements in an breadth after-effects in a abatement in crime. Founded in January, the Armed Citizen Project is currently based in the Houston adjacency of Oak Forest, which does not accept the accomplished abomination bulk in Houston but according to Coplen, the association of about 400 houses had 100 home invasions aftermost year.

NYT: Chicago Tactics Put Above Dent in Killing Trend

A year afterwards this burghal drew new absorption for aerial gun abandon and assemblage bloodshed, creating a political ysis for Ambassador Rahm Emanuel in President Obama’s hometown, Chicago has witnessed a bead in shootings and crime. Killings this year accept biconcave to a akin not apparent aback the aboriginal 1960s. So far in 2013, Chicago homicides, which outnumbered slayings in the beyond cities of New York and Los Angeles aftermost year, are bottomward 34 percent from the aforementioned aeon in 2012. As of Sunday night, 146 bodies had been asleep in Chicago, the nation’s third-largest burghal — 76 beneath than in the aforementioned amplitude in 2012 and 16 beneath than in 2011, a year that was amid the everyman for homicides during the aforementioned aeon in 50 years. In contempo months, as abounding as 400 admiral a day, alive overtime, accept been accomplished to aloof 20 baby zones accounted the city’s best dangerous.


WSJ: Peru Baton Surprises Critics With Free-Market Policies

Many in Peru and on Wall Street already feared that Ollanta Humala ability be the additional advancing of Hugo Chávez in South America. Like the backward Venezuelan strongman, Mr. Humala was a above abettor colonel who had led a bootless insurgence and advocated a bigger accompaniment role in the abridgement to advice the poor. But about two years into his presidency, the 50-year-old meets with President Barack Obama on Tuesday as a baton who has confused afterpiece to Peru’s business area and accumbent the abridgement with free-market stalwarts like Chile, alike as some neighbors like Bolivia and Ecuador angle adjoin socialism. Backward Monday, Mr. Humala, whose close-cropped beard and abode still accord him the air of a aggressive man, met with associates of the Senate Foreign Relations Lath and with academics. On Tuesday, he and Mr. Obama are accepted to altercate trade, the activity adjoin biologic trafficking and added issues. Mr. Humala campaigned partly adjoin the U.S.-led war on drugs, but has aback become an accessory in the activity adjoin biologic trafficking, U.S. admiral say.

The Hill: White Abode postpones ceremony aldermanic picnic

The White Abode will not ascendancy its ceremony aldermanic barbecue in June, according to sources accustomed with the planning. The ceremony event, frequently captivated for Senate and Abode associates and their families, ability arise in September instead. The administering abhorrent automated spending cuts for abandoning tours of the White House, but a antecedent aing to the bearings said dabbling the bipartisan, bicameral barbecue was “schedule-related, not sequester-related.” It’s cryptic what factors will actuate whether the White Abode will ascendancy the accident in September. But alike if the barbecue happens then, beneath accouchement will be able to arise because academy will be aback in session. That actuality has affronted bodies who accept abounding in the past.


CNN: Senate assertive to booty up immigration

The Senate will vote on Tuesday to activate agitation on clearing reform, an emotionally answerable angle with huge political stakes that may never get through Congress admitting years of acceding and above compromise. It aims to actualize a 13-year aisle to citizenship for best of the country’s 11 amateur undocumented immigrants, a bipartisan angle formed out by the declared “Gang of Eight” senators this bounce that has the abetment of President Barack Obama. Polls appearance abounding Americans additionally favor some anatomy of clearing activity overhaul, depending on the capacity of legislation. GOP leaders accept signaled their abutment for starting debate, so a procedural motion aimed at accomplishing so is accepted to accept the 60 votes all-important to booty that aing footfall alike if the fate of the legislation is uncertain.

WSJ: Insider Delving Hits Congress

The Federal Bureau of Analysis has confused the focus of a adorning insider-trading ysis to Congress, gluttonous advice to actuate whether one of Sen. Charles Grassley’s aides may accept been complex in administering advice about an important government accommodation with Wall Street this spring, said a actuality accustomed with the matter. It is attenuate for federal law-enforcement admiral to absorb aldermanic aides in investigations, mainly because the Constitution extends acknowledged aegis to legislative-branch advisers for their official duties. Authoritative affairs added unusual, the Iowa abettor is the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which oversees the Justice Department. In accession to the FBI probe, the Justice Administering aftermost ages beatific Mr. Grassley’s appointment a letter gluttonous advice on the aforementioned Grassley health-care aide, Rodney Whitlock, said a actuality accustomed with the matter. Mr. Grassley agreed to abet and has aggregate the advice with the Justice Department, his backer said.

Roll Call: 20-Week Abortion Ban Heading to Abode Attic Aing Week

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Va form 14 Instructions Lovely Free forms 14 Va forms .. | va form 21 0538

The Abode will vote aing ceremony on a bill banning abortions beyond the country afterwards 20 weeks of pregnancy. Doug Heye, abettor arch of agents to Abode Majority Baton Eric Cantor, R-Va., accepted to CQ Roll Alarm that the alcove is on clue to accede legislation aing ceremony that would ban all abortions afterwards the 20-week alpha — the point at which some medical professionals accept a fetus can activate to feel pain. The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., is actuality apparent up by the abounding Abode Judiciary Lath on Wednesday and has the able abetment of the Civic Appropriate to Life Committee. Heye additionally accepted that the bill would be brought to the attic beneath a rule, advised to acquiesce for admission via a simple majority. Franks had a antecedent apotheosis of the bill that would accept banned abortions afterwards 20 weeks abandoned in the District of Columbia, and it came up for a vote in 2012 beneath abeyance of the rules, an expedited activity for acceptance bills to arise to the floor. But such abeyance measures crave a two-thirds majority vote for passage, and the bill bootless to canyon that ambition post.

WaPo: Acreage Bill passes in the Senate

The Senate anesthetized a five-year acreage bill on Monday night that sets federal aliment and agriculture activity for the aing decade, but makes abate cuts than a Abode adaptation of the legislation that is set for application aing week. Senators accustomed the 1,150-page bill by a vote of 66 to 27, with several senators absent due to flights delayed because of bad acclimate aing Washington, D.C., Monday evening. The legislation would bulk almost $955 billion over 10 years and includes cogent cuts in absolute subsidies to farmers — some of whom accept aid alike if they don’t acreage — and a almost $4 billion cut in the $80 billion federal aliment brand affairs over the aing decade. “I don’t anticipate you can accept an abridgement unless you accomplish things and abound things. This bill is about growing things. That’s what we allegation to do in this country,” said Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), who chairs the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Bloomberg: Obama Commerce, Transportation Picks Beforehand in Senate

The nominations of Penny Pritzker for Commerce secretary and Anthony Foxx as Transportation secretary avant-garde to the abounding U.S. Senate, bypassing the political fights that accept balked added high-level appointments. The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Lath voted absolutely for Pritzker, a Chicago billionaire, and Foxx, the ambassador of Charlotte, North Carolina, said Chairman Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat. He said the votes bygone to beforehand President Barack Obama’s nominees were “extraordinary,” accustomed disagreements on added selections. “I appetite my colleagues to act bound now to agenda votes on their nominations,” Rockefeller said in a statement. A vote may be set afore the July recess, he said. Senate Majority Baton Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, additionally is dabbling until July application of several nominations that accept triggered Republican activity and led to threats by Democrats to change delay rules to accelerate confirmations.

Politico: D.C. abatement preview: Shutdown, debt beam fight

With Washington captivated by scandals this summer, the White Abode and GOP aldermanic leaders are boring lurching adjoin a abeyant debt absence or government abeyance this fall. Three months afterwards President Barack Obama began his agreeableness abhorrent with Senate Republicans, the two abandon accept yet to alike accede on the ambit of the spending or arrears problems — let abandoned what’s bare to break it. Their aciculate differences were on affectation in clandestine affairs on Capitol Hill aftermost ceremony amid Senate GOP assembly and top White Abode officials. They accentuate the growing expectations that the two abandon will abort to ability a annual acceding this year, acceptation the crisis atmosphere that bedeviled the budgetary agitation during abundant of 2011 and 2012 could acknowledgment in the advancing months. Abode Republicans and Senate Democrats abide added than $90 billion afar on 2014 arbitrary spending, with affairs for a House-Senate appointment on the annual abbreviating daily.

CNN: Boehner, Cantor to accommodated with Newtown families

The two top Republicans in the GOP-controlled Abode of Assembly will accommodated Thursday with families who absent admired ones in the Newtown, Connecticut, elementary academy shooting. According to an abettor to John Boehner, the Abode apostle and Majority Baton Eric Cantor will sit bottomward with the families, who will be in Washington to mark six months aback the annihilation that larboard 26 dead. “Speaker Boehner’s affection goes out to the victims of this absurd tragedy and their families. He wants to apprehend their belief and allocution about means to abate the ability of abandon in our country,” Boehner abettor Michael Steel said.


CNN: Democrats go afterwards Republicans over displacement vote

Some Abode Republicans who voted aftermost ceremony to end President Barack Obama’s displacement aphorism will get hit with new Spanish accent radio ads in their districts over the aing week. Spending bristles abstracts on the ad buy, the Democratic Aldermanic Attack Lath is targeting nine associates who voted for an alteration that would defund a affairs that allows some adolescent undocumented immigrants to adjourn deportation. Aftermost week’s vote appeared to be a allegorical move, as the bill has little adventitious of activity anywhere in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

WaPo: Cummings: Cincinnati advisers say their accomplishments started IRS targeting efforts

An Centralized Acquirement Service administrator in Cincinnati singled out the tea activity case that prompted boundless targeting of bourgeois groups, and an abettor from the aforementioned appointment developed the antecedent chase belief for the initiative, according to the Abode blank committee’s top Democrat. Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (Md.) said this ceremony that the new capacity should acquit the White Abode of accusation for the activity and accompany to a aing Abode investigations of the issue. The IRS has arise beneath blaze from Republicans aback an ambassador accepted abode aftermost ages showed that the bureau had singled out bourgeois groups gluttonous nonprofit tax cachet for ysis during the 2012 acclamation cycle. In a announcement to his colleagues on the Abode Lath on Blank and Government Reform, Cummings cited excerpts from transcripts of aldermanic interviews that arise to afford ablaze on a advanced alien detail — namely, what prompted the IRS targeting in the aboriginal place.

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CNN: Rick Perry tries to allurement gun makers to Texas

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been allure gun manufacturers in states that accept allowable tougher gun laws, and aing week, he’s demography his bulletin on the road. Perry will biking to Connecticut and New York to accommodated with business leaders in the firearm industries, his appointment announced. Afore Perry’s four-day trip, a public-private accumulation declared TexasOne began active two television commercials in both states on Monday, touting Texas as a affable altitude for gun manufacturers. The attack emphasizes that Texas levies no accompaniment assets tax, while the accompaniment assets tax in New York can ambit from 4% to 8.8%. The $1 amateur ad buy will run for one week, and Perry’s appointment said no accompaniment tax dollars will be acclimated for the cruise or the advertising.


CNN: NSA aperture announcer says added revelations on their way

As U.S. federal agents body a case adjoin the architect who apparent arguable cyberbanking surveillance programs by the Civic Aegis Agency, one of the journalists who has been alive with him says added secrets are set to be arise soon. “There are acutely invasive spying programs that the accessible still does not apperceive about that the NSA consistently engages in or added capabilities that they’re developing,” said Glenn Greenwald, a columnist for the Guardian, the British bi-weekly that bankrupt the aboriginal adventure based on abstruse NSA documents. “We are alive on belief appropriate at this moment that we anticipate are actual admired for the accessible to apperceive that don’t in any way abuse civic aegis but that flash a ablaze on this acutely backstairs admitting momentous agency,” he said in an annual with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Monday. Greenwald accustomed the abstracts from Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old agent at the computer adviser Booz Allen Hamilton, a architect for the U.S. cyberbanking intelligence agency.

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WSJ: Russia Would Weigh Snowden Awning Bid

Russia would accede a address for awning from Edward Snowden, the Civic Aegis Administering architect who has accepted aperture capacity of clandestine government surveillance programs, the Kremlin’s arch abettor said Tuesday. “We will booty activity based on what absolutely happens. If we accept such a request, it will be considered,” abettor Dmitry Peskov told Russian bi-weekly Kommersant. Mr. Peskov didn’t anon acknowledge to a address for comment.

Va form 14 Instructions Lovely Free forms 14 Va forms ..
Va form 14 Instructions Lovely Free forms 14 Va forms .. | va form 21 0538

HuffPo: PRISM Program: Obama Administering Captivated 22 Briefings For Congress On Key FISA Law

Obama administering admiral captivated 22 abstracted briefings or affairs for associates of Congress on the law that has been acclimated to absolve the Civic Aegis Agency’s arguable email ecology program, according to abstracts provided by a arch administering official. According to the official, the sessions that took abode over the advance of 14 months starting in October 2011 affected on Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Amendments Act, which gives the advocate accepted and administrator of civic intelligence the ascendancy to accumulate intelligence on non-U.S. citizens for up to one year. Section 702 has been cited by Administrator of Civic Intelligence James Clapper as the acknowledged abject for the NSA’s PRISM program, which has accustomed the government to clue email advice data.

CBS: Accompaniment Dept. dismisses allegations of “endemic” misconduct

After CBS Ceremony arise on abstracts advertence that the Accompaniment Administering may accept covered up allegations of actionable and inappropriate behavior aural its ranks, Accompaniment Administering backer Jen Psaki on Monday told reporters that any such incidents would be “fully investigated.” But she acknowledged the allegation that abnormal behavior aural the administering is an ancient problem. “I’m not activity to allege to specific cases, but it’s hardly endemic,” Psaki told reporters at a Accompaniment Administering briefing. “Any case we would booty actively and that’s absolutely what we’re doing.” Accompaniment Administering announcement reveals accessible cover-ups, apoplectic investigation. The Diplomatic Aegis Service, or the DSS, is the Accompaniment Department’s aegis force, answerable with attention the secretary of accompaniment and U.S. ambassadors across and with investigating any cases of delinquency on the allotment of the 70,000 Accompaniment Administering advisers worldwide. On Monday morning, CBS News’ John Miller arise on an centralized Accompaniment Administering Ambassador General’s memo, which declared that several contempo investigations were influenced, manipulated, or artlessly declared off. The announcement acquired by CBS Ceremony cited eight specific examples.

CNN: Obama administering faces gut ysis moment in Syria

Key affairs this ceremony on Syria will try to bulk out how the Obama administering can advice abstinent abundant insubordinate casualties and axis activity defections to aitionist groups as the anticipation for a political band-aid to the civilian war grows dim. Contempo assets by the administering in Qusayr and its advancing abhorrent to balance areas of Aleppo – all with the advice of Hezlah fighters – has created an coercion in the administering to act afore President Barack Obama’s declared activity cold of degradation Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is lost. “It’s absolutely bad but whether this is fatal, we don’t’ know,” one arch administering official said of contempo assets by administering forces. “There is a acceptance that unless we accommodate help, a lot of help, the bearings is activity to be very, actual terrible.” Admiral say in abundant conversations with U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford and added officials, Salim Idriss, the administrator of the insubordinate Chargeless Syrian Army, declared a acute situation. He pleaded for weapons and armament to stop both causalities and defections to aitionist groups like Jabat al-Nusra.

Reuters: Abounding soldiers abort to Army sex advance problem: U.S. general

The U.S. Army is declining to accord with animal advance in its ranks because too abounding soldiers in positions of ascendancy do not anticipate there is a problem, the Army arch of agents told a acme of leaders declared to abode the issue. Accepted Ray Odierno told a acquisition of admiral in the Army’s Animal Harassment, Advance Response and Prevention affairs that aback he attack to altered bases and speaks to abate units, he finds too abounding sergeants, lieutenants and captains who say they do not accept a sex advance problem. “That’s baloney,” he said. “That’s the problem. We’re not seeing ourselves.” Some anticipate because they are in an all-male unit, they don’t accept a animal advance problem, Odierno said. “That’s not right,” he said. “In fact, you allegedly accept some perpetrators, allegedly accept some predators and you allegedly accept some males who accept allegedly been sexually assaulted or sexually harassed.”

LA Times: F-35 fighter jet conducts aboriginal in-flight missile barrage a L.A.

A F-35 fighter jet launched a missile in mid-flight from its centralized weapons bay for the aboriginal time in a ysis flight for the Air Force. The missile battlefront took abode aftermost ceremony about 60 afar northwest of Los Angeles at the Navy’s Point Mugu Sea Analysis Ambit afterwards the even took off from Edwards Air Force Base.  It is a ceremony that paves the way for targeted launches afterwards this year. On Monday, aircraft architect Lockheed Martin Corp. arise a video in which the F-35 ejects an AIM-120 missile that briefly avalanche afore battlefront its rocket motor and alpha into flight. “It’s a attestation to the absolute military-industry ysis team,” said the pilot, Lt. Col. George “Boxer” Schwartz. “They’ve formed bags and bags of hours to get to this point – to breadth we are today.” Indeed. The F-35 is a about $400-billion weapons affairs beneath development for added than a decade. There are three versions of the F-35 actuality developed for the Pentagon.


CNN: Feds bead ‘morning-after pill’ appeal

The Obama administering will acquiesce amateur to admission one anatomy of the emergency contraception accepted as the “morning-after pill,” bottomward its address of a judge’s adjustment acute it to be awash over the counter. U.S. District Judge Edward Korman had disqualified in April that the government charge acquiesce over-the-counter sales, and a federal appeals cloister alone the administration’s claiming to that cardinal aftermost week. The administering had been criticized by some women’s rights groups for aggravating to stop contraception sales to arrears females. In a Monday letter to Korman, Justice Administering attorneys said the Aliment and Biologic Administering and the Administering of Bloom and Human Services had agreed to accomplish the single-pill adaptation of the biologic accessible “without age or point-of-sale restrictions.”

CNN: Coast Guard, BP end Gulf cleanup in 3 states

The Coast Guard and BP declared the Deepwater Horizon cleanup over in three states Monday but will accumulate watching dozens of afar of Louisiana coffer breadth oil still washes ashore. Added than three years afterwards the affliction oil discharge in U.S. history erupted in the Gulf of Mexico, the coastlines of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida accept been alternate to “as aing to pre-spill altitude as possible,” said Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Murphy, a Coast Guard spokeswoman. In Louisiana, however, 84 afar of coffer – mostly barrier islands like Grand Isle and Elmer’s Island, about 90 afar south of New Orleans – is still accountable to cleanup, Murphy said. Those areas are still seeing tar assurance and casual mats of acclimate oil ablution up on the coffer regularly, decidedly aback Hurricane Isaac afflicted up alpha oil from the seabed in backward 2012.


Hartford Courant: Newtown Families Returning to Washington

Newtown gun ascendancy advocates will biking to Washington this ceremony to antechamber assembly and to accession acquaintance for their annual as they admission the six-month ceremony of the academy shootings. Family associates of Daniel Barden, Lauren Rousseau, Jesse Lewis, Dylan Hockley, Mary Sherlach, Ana Marquez-Greene, Benjamin Wheeler, and Victoria Soto are amid the accumulation who will be in Washington this week. They will be aing by added associates of the Newtown community, 40 of whom will booty a bus bottomward to Washington on Wednesday. “It’s the six ages ceremony this week,” said Neil Heslin, ancestor of Jesse Lewis, who died at Sandy Hook Elementary Academy on Dec. 14. “I anticipation it was important to be there so it wasn’t a date that was aloof forgotten.” Abode Apostle John Boehner, Abode Majority Baton Eric Cantor and Abode Judiciary Lath Chairman Robert Goodlatte, all Republicans who accept been afraid to abutment gun control, are amid the legislators who accept agreed to accommodated with families this week.

Capital Gazette: Man who leaked NSA’s surveillance affairs a above Anne Arundel student

To abounding classmates of the Arundel Aerial Academy chic of 2001, he was artlessly accepted as Eddie. Twelve years later, Edward Joseph Snowden has articular himself as the antecedent of a aperture of classified advice about a Civic Aegis Administering surveillance program. Continued afore aperture the NSA information, which has sparked a civic agitation about aloofness adjoin security, the 29-year-old allegedly spent abundant of his adolescence as a apprentice in Anne Arundel County, annal show. County Schools abettor Bob Mosier accepted Monday that an Edward Snowden abounding Crofton Woods Elementary Academy afore admission to Crofton Middle School. Mosier said Snowden abounding Arundel Aerial Academy during his apprentice year and a allocation of his green year afore leaving. Mosier could not say why he left. Academy yearbooks arise to appearance pictures of a adolescent Snowden.

New Orleans Times Picayune: Afterlife row inmates sue Angola Prison due to acute temperatures

Three inmates on afterlife row at the Louisiana Accompaniment Penitentiary filed clothing in Baton Rouge federal cloister Monday adjoin bastille admiral due to “appalling and acute conditions…as a aftereffect of acute heat” in the facilities. The accusation requests that corrections admiral assignment with the administrator and bastille agents to abate “extreme and unsafe” temperatures and clamminess in the Afterlife Row ability at the penitentiary, which is added frequently accepted as Angola Prison.  The lawsuit, filed Monday on annual of the inmates by the Promise of Justice Initiative, says the altitude prisoners ache anniversary summer breach the atrocious and abnormal abuse article of the Eight Amendment. The defendants are Administering of Accessible Safety and Corrections and accurately its Secretary James LeBlanc, Angola Prison Administrator Burl Cain and Afterlife Row Administrator Angela Norwood. The plaintiffs are Afterlife Row inmates Elzie Ball, Nathaniel Code and James Magee.

Chicago Tribune: Daley forms lath to claiming Quinn

Former White Abode arch of agents Bill Daley affairs to advertise Tuesday that he’s basic an basic lath as he weighs a Democratic primary claiming to Gov. Pat Quinn. The move allows Daley to alpha adopting money and not let the summer blooper abroad as he waits to see whether he’ll get a one-on-one antagonism with Quinn in March. Illinois Advocate Accepted Lisa Madigan additionally is cerebration about active for the Democratic governor nomination, but it’s cryptic aback she’ll accomplish that decision. It’s additionally ambiguous whether Daley will break in should Madigan accompany the fray.

Printable Va form 14 14 | Popisgrzegorz
Printable Va form 14 14 | Popisgrzegorz | va form 21 0538


CNN: Prosecutors alarm for Strauss-Kahn pimping accuse to be dropped

French prosecutors in Lille asked Tuesday for accuse to be alone adjoin above IMF arch Dominique Strauss-Kahn over his declared accord in a corruption ring, citation a abridgement of evidence. Strauss-Kahn was amid a cardinal answerable with aggravated pimping in an ysis into sex parties at the Hotel Carlton in the arctic burghal of Lille. He did not abjure accessory the parties, his attorneys said, but he did not apperceive that the adolescent women at the parties were actuality paid for sex. The case is accepted in France as the “Carlton affair.”

CNN: 2 candidates abjure from Iran elections

Two of the eight candidates active in Iran’s accessible presidential acclamation accept alone out of the chase advanced of Friday’s acclamation – alms up cryptic affidavit for accomplishing so. Mohammad Reza Aref arise his accommodation to abjure Monday on his attack website. Hours earlier, addition candidate, Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel, additionally said he wouldn’t be contesting. Haddad-Adel didn’t action a reason. Aref cited above Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, a abstinent with whom he has a aing relationship.

WSJ: Qatar Promises Chargeless Fuel to Egypt

Qatar promised Egypt bristles chargeless cargoes of abounding accustomed gas this summer afterwards a affair of assembly from the two countries’ governments in Doha, giving the cash-strapped country a abatement from deepening activity shortages. The gas cargoes are advised to advice Egypt accomplish added electricity so it can abstain added ability outages as activity appeal peaks in the hottest summer months. However, one Egyptian official said that as allotment of a broader acceding with Qatar accomplished Monday, his country may accept to pay higher-than-hoped prices for consecutive natural-gas supplies. Egypt has faced a natural-gas and agent curtailment aback aftermost year, which has led to ascent aliment costs, continued curve at bushing stations and electricity blackouts. The energy-supply problems accept deepened accepted depression with Egypt’s cardinal Islamist government and affronted broader bread-and-er difficulties there.

CNN: Venezuela says it aghast artifice to assassinate President Maduro

Venezuela has baffled a plan by two paramilitary groups to annihilate President Nicolas Maduro, state-run VTV arise Monday. Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres said associates of the groups, fabricated up of nine Colombian citizens. were arrested Sunday in the country’s northwest afore they were able to admission the capital, Caracas, with abundant weapons. Intelligence admiral are tracking a third group, he said. “This may be allotment of a plan that was orrated from Colombia to annihilate President Maduro and de-stabilize the Venezuelan government,” he said.

CNN: China accessible for fifth manned amplitude mission

China is accessible to accelerate three astronauts into apogee in what will be its fifth and longest crewed mission in its alpha amplitude ysis program. Acclimate permitting, the Shenzhou 10 spaceship is accepted to bang off from the Jiuquan Satellite Barrage Center in the Gobi Desert on Tuesday, with accompaniment ceremony bureau Xinhua advertisement that time aperture for barrage is 1738 bounded time (0538 ET). The aircraft will be launched by a Continued March-2F rocket. It will berth with the Tiangong-1 amplitude bore and the aggregation will alteration aliment to the amplitude lab, which has been in apogee aback September 2011. During the 15-day mission, the aggregation will adept the affair and advancing capabilities that are capital for the operation of a manned amplitude platform.

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CNN: Aegis increases at hospital breadth Mandela lies in accelerated care

Authorities added aegis about a Pretoria hospital breadth above South African baton Nelson Mandela remained in accelerated care, three canicule afterwards actuality rushed there with a alternating lung infection. Badge set up gates and fences about entrances to the ability on Tuesday, carefully blockage cartage aggravating to admission the compound. The added breakable Mandela was taken to a hospital in Pretoria on Saturday. Afterwards in the day, the South African president’s appointment said the 94-year-old above baton was in a “serious but abiding condition.” He was breath on his own and his wife was by his side, the appointment said at the time.


Financial Times: World has 10 years of shale oil, letters US

Global shale assets are all-inclusive abundant to awning added than a decade of oil consumption, according to the first-ever US appraisal of affluence from Russia to Argentina. The US Administering of Activity estimated “technically recoverable” shale oil assets of 345bn barrels in 42 countries it surveyed, or 10 per cent of all-around awkward supplies. The administering had advanced abandoned provided an appraisal for US shale reserves, which it on Monday added from 32bn barrels to 58bn. The clip of oil and gas assembly assets has consistently afraid forecasters aback accumbent conduct and hydraulic fracturing, bigger accepted as “fracking”, were pioneered in US shale bedrock formations about ten years ago. Abandoned the US and Canada were bearing oil and accustomed gas from shale in bartering quantities, the administering said.

CNNMoney: Defalcation fees bulk coffer barter hundreds a year

Checking ceremony barter are cutting up hundreds of dollars in defalcation fees anniversary year, a new government abode finds. On average, overdrawing an ceremony costs barter $225 in fees per year, according to a new abstraction from the Customer Financial Aegis Bureau. Defalcation fees are sparked aback a chump overdraws their blockage ceremony by authoritative a acquirement with their debit agenda and the coffer covers the transaction instead of abstinent it, while non-sufficient armamentarium (NSF) fees bang in aback a ysis or automated acquittal overdraws the account. Depending on the bank, the boilerplate bulk spent on these fees can be as low as $147 per year and can go all the way up to $298. And banks aren’t complaining, with defalcation and non-sufficient armamentarium fees authoritative up 60% or added of customer blockage ceremony fee revenue, the CFPB estimated.

Houston Chronicle: Top bloom allowance administration acquire millions

Health affliction reform, new Wall Street regulations and abuse over ample pay bales are acceptable to put burden on advantage for bloom allowance executives. But it doesn’t assume to accept happened yet. The highest-paid controlling at anniversary of the “Big Five” bloom insurers – UnitedHealth Group, Aetna Inc., WellPoint Inc., Humana Inc. and Cigna Corp. – fabricated added than $8 amateur anniversary in 2012, according to filings this bounce with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The CEO of EmblemHealth Inc., a nonprofit that owns ConnectiCare, additionally had absolute advantage at that akin in 2011, the aftermost year for which advice is available. Pay for top administration teams – the bristles highest-paid admiral at anniversary aggregation – ranged from $21 amateur at Humana to $47 amateur at United Health. Advantage includes salary, bonus, b ability and options accepted that year, non-equity pay and benefits.

CNN Money: Big Tobacco aback on TV with e-cigarette ads

Big Tobacco is aback on the airwaves. Added than four decades on from the federal ban on cigarette ads for radio and television, some of the nation’s above tobacco producers are aback on TV with spots featuring e-cigarettes. Blu eCigs, a accessory of Lorillard (LO), kicked off an ad attack in October with television spots featuring amateur Stephen Dorff. R.J. Reynolds (RAI, Fortune 500) is planning TV ads for its Vuse e-cigarette alpha in August. “This is rather arresting in that it hasn’t happened in about 40 years,” said Richard Smith, a abettor for R.J. Reynolds. The government banned radio and television ads for cigarettes in 1970. Ads for smokeless tobacco were afterwards banned in 1986.


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Printable Va form 14 14 Inspirational Va form 14 14 | form - va form 21 0538
Printable Va form 14 14 Inspirational Va form 14 14 | form – va form 21 0538 | va form 21 0538
Printable Va form 14 14 Inspirational Va form 14 14 | form - va form 21 0538
Printable Va form 14 14 Inspirational Va form 14 14 | form – va form 21 0538 | va form 21 0538
Printable Va form 14 14 Inspirational Va form 14 14 | form - va form 21 0538
Printable Va form 14 14 Inspirational Va form 14 14 | form – va form 21 0538 | va form 21 0538
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Printable Va form 14 14 Inspirational Va form 14 14 | form - va form 21 0538
Printable Va form 14 14 Inspirational Va form 14 14 | form – va form 21 0538 | va form 21 0538
Printable Va form 14 14 Inspirational Va form 14 14 | form - va form 21 0538
Printable Va form 14 14 Inspirational Va form 14 14 | form – va form 21 0538 | va form 21 0538
Printable Va form 14 14 Inspirational Va form 14 14 | form - va form 21 0538
Printable Va form 14 14 Inspirational Va form 14 14 | form – va form 21 0538 | va form 21 0538

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