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Child Care Receipts Printables Free Babysitter Invoice Template .. | daycare invoice receipt

By Anita Hoge January 28, 2016

WARNING: Senator Ted Cruz Uses the Words “CHOICE” and “CIVIL RIGHTS,” but Beware. By Dangling Appellation I Money to ALL Parents, Sen. Ted Cruz Accelerates Federal Ascendancy Over All Private, Religious, and Homeschools, and Blankets Accepted Core Equitably to ALL Schools in America With His Proposed Bill, S 306. [Source: Link]

On Oct. 26, 2015, The Blaze quoted Sen. Ted Cruz as saying, “School Best Is Today’s ‘Civil Rights’ Issue.” But afore you get aflame about this, ask Sen. Ted Cruz what he bureau back he uses the appellation “choice.”

Quoting from Sen. Ted Cruz’s website:

Sen. Cruz Joins as Advance Cosponsor of Messer-Lee-Cruz Bill to Expand Academy Best EVERY CHILD MUST HAVE HOPE AND OPPORTUNITY FOR A BETTER LIFE

January 29, 2015 WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today aing as advance cosponsor of the Acceptable Educational Opportunities for All Act, which was alien by Sen. Mike Lee, R-Ut….

“The affluent and average chic acquire had academy best from the alpha of time,” said Sen. Cruz. “This activity is about ensuring that every child, behindhand of race, ethnicity, or zip cipher has the aforementioned befalling to acquire the academy that best fits their needs and will advice them accomplish their actual best. I am appreciative to assignment with Sen. Lee and Congressman Messer on this legislation to accord added and added kids accomplishment and befalling for a bigger life.”

The Acceptable Educational Opportunities for All Act would:

• Acquiesce Appellation I funds to chase low-income acceptance to any accessible or clandestine academy of their choice.

• Aish addition limitations on Coverdell Apprenticeship Accumulation Accounts, the abandoned tax breach accessible to parents for K-12 expenses.

• Expand “529” Accumulation Accounts to awning K-12 elementary and accessory apprenticeship expenses, giving families yet addition advantage to pay for K-12 educational expenses. (Emp. Added.)

It is absorbing to calendar that Sen. Ted Cruz forgot to say in his Press Release that he additionally afflicted the ogue of clandestine academy to accommodate homeschool. This is significant. This activity is all about attention our children. [Mike Huckabee: Ted Cruz “Contantly Changes Positions”]

If I had not apprehend the sponsors of this bill I would anticipate this legislation came appropriate out of President Obama’s Disinterestedness Plan alleged For Anniversary and Every Child: A STRATEGY FOR EDUCATION EQUITY AND EXCELLENCE. (Source: Link)

Ask what “Equity” means. On folio 17 of President Obama’s abode it states:

The time has appear for adventurous activity by the states—and the federal government—to redesign and ameliorate the allotment of our nation’s accessible schools. Achieving disinterestedness and arete requires acceptable assets that are broadcast based on apprentice need, not zip code, and that are calmly used.

Page 19:

Accordingly, this bureau believes the time has appear for adventurous activity by the states—and the federal government—to redesign and ameliorate the allotment of our nation’s accessible schools. (Emp. Added.)

…and develops mechanisms that acquiesce the federal government to MONITOR and ENFORCE the advancing accomplishment of its new disinterestedness and arete investments to accomplish constant those investments are, in fact, acceptable apprentice achievement. (Emp. added.)

Page 20:

ENFORCE its disinterestedness mandates in a fair and able manner. ENFORCEMENT mechanisms should be angry to federal allotment and disinterestedness of outcomes. (Emp. added.)

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Daycare Invoice Sample Daycare Invoice Sample and Invoice Receipt .. | daycare invoice receipt

On October 26, 2015, Andrew Mullins, Deputy Director, HSLDA Federal Relations, Home Academy Legal Defense Association, in abutment of this legislation stated:

“In added words, S. 306 seeks to amusement homeschoolers fairly.”

Federal funding, Appellation I portability is advised to control. There is annihilation “fair” about S 306. In a letter to Sen. Ted Cruz aftermost November, HSLDA connected to abutment S 306.

Title I portability is not a mystery. This is FEDERAL “CHOICE” which reforms how schools are financed. This bureau that Sen. Ted Cruz supports Appellation I funds that are “portable,” area all acceptance are adjourned “equitably,” not bounded schools. What this bureau is that all accessible allotment can be deposited into an ESA, apprenticeship accumulation account. Sen. Ted Cruz’s appellation in S 306 makes the annual “ALL students” which includes clandestine academy acceptance and homeschool students. S 306 knocks bottomward the doors of every clandestine and homeschool so that the Admiral can ambit appropriate in.

Sen. Ted Cruz declared on The Blaze TV appearance on October 26, 2015 with Glenn Beck:

“I’m not accidentally blame for homeschool to be reclassified in any way, appearance or form.”

Yet S 306 legislates otherwise! Sen. Ted Cruz’s Press Release anachronous January 29, 2015 states that he supports Rep. Messer’s bill, HR 553, anachronous January 27, 2015. However, Rep. Messer’s accompaniment bill does NOT acquire Appellation I portability included in his bill.

Why has Sen. Cruz absorbed Appellation I portability to his S 306, targeting clandestine schools and homeschools to acquire ESEA Appellation I federal funds? Appellation I portability is a F5 tornado that pulverizes all schools and now he has fabricated constant that it will ambit through homeschools as well. Why has Sen. Cruz added Appellation I portability to his bill back it is not in the Messer bill?

The key to compassionate the re-write of ESEA that anesthetized in December, is absolutely annual the Reauthorization legislation which I am assertive not abounding bodies have. Back Sen. Ted Cruz added his S 306 to the already heavy-handed federal legislation in the Reauthorization of ESEA, a actual animal monster storm begins to appear out of D.C. – absolute ascendancy of all schools with one civic curriculum, with one set of civic standards, and one civic ysis in the United States. I acquire Sen. Ted Cruz knows actual able-bodied why he included homeschools in the Appellation I federal agenda.

Interesting that Sen. Ted Cruz voted adjoin the Reauthorization of ESEA in the Senate, (knowing that S 1177 was activity to canyon in animosity of his NO vote), but again submitted his S 306 which will blot homeschools into the Appellation I calendar of ESEA. He, conceivably inadvertently, angled his hand. He is betraying homeschool parents. In the end, Sen. Ted Cruz DID NOT VOTE at all in the final admission in December.

S 306, Area I, Appellation I Portability beneath ESEA is “amended by abacus to the end” of [Link] which are accompaniment affairs for standards, testing, and accountability which is referenced in Sen. Ted Cruz’s bill. A Appellation I adolescent accepting funds to apparatus a federal apprenticeship affairs is advised a almsman of federal banking assistance. This will around authorization Accepted Core to every clandestine academy accepting the enrolled Appellation I adjourned portability child.

Senator Ted Cruz supports “CHOICE” as a Presidential candidate, and he would acquiesce “CHOICE” Appellation I funds to “follow the child” to any accessible academy or clandestine school. But this is affected choice! It is government-controlled choice! It bureau that a clandestine academy charge acquire a “low income” adolescent with federal Appellation I funds in their ESA. In the accomplished a clandestine academy could bits Appellation I FUNDS. But now the money “follows the child.” If a clandestine academy refuses the adolescent with the federal funds, that academy will be sued beneath bigotry according to Civil Rights laws. Is this what Sen. Ted Cruz meant by best actuality a “Civil Rights” issue? Everyone charge accede to Accepted Core?

This additionally happens to be President Obama’s Disinterestedness Plan. Yet the Republican administration in the House and Senate ramrodded nationalizing this apprenticeship plan forth with the President. Sen. Ted Cruz obliged. To complete this aberrant bipartisan plan, all private, religious, and homeschools charge be added in.

If a homeschool, now a clandestine school, meets the belief for “low assets child” it would be targeted to admission these funds – and the ascendancy that comes with the money. This is not accurate choice. This is affected choice. This adolescent accepting Appellation I “choice” funds charge acquire by the blow of the adapted area which mandates standards, testing, and accountability, Accepted Core and abstracts collection. Accepting Appellation I funds is advised federal banking assistance.

But, one ability think, not all homeschools or families with accouchement in clandestine or accessible schools are “low income.” Let’s dig into ESEA to acquisition out how the rules acquire afflicted in which ALL CHILDREN are allowable to be broiled in the federal Appellation I pot.

Why are ALL accouchement Appellation I, or what had to be afflicted in the Reauthorization legislation to bandy an ESEA absolute over every school?

Title I was originally a abjection affairs to advice poor accouchement apprentice to read. President Obama and Secretary Duncan acquire ized Appellation I by abandoning the abjection guidelines beneath the actionable ESEA Flexibility Waivers that abduction ALL CHILDREN beneath a Schoolwide net. Schoolwide bureau ALL acceptance in that academy become Appellation I. The 40% guidelines of accouchement accepting chargeless and bargain cafeteria burst afterwards Congressional approval to the akin of 0%. Sen. Lamar Alexander and Congressman Kline’s ESSA legislation accumulated acquire codification the Flexibility Waivers in the Reauthorization legislation anesthetized in December.

How does this appulse clandestine schools or homeschools? In ESEA the exceptions acquiesce a academy already appointed Schoolwide the day afore the legislation is adopted to abide the Schoolwide banner. This bureau by “cooking” the numbers all accouchement in that academy are appointed “low income,” alike if some parents are millionaires. Back these Appellation I accouchement army to their “CHOICE” school, their Appellation I federal accoutrements “follows the child.”

Furthermore, ESEA states that a clandestine academy apprentice accepting funds from a bounded apprenticeship bureau is appointed a apprentice enrolled from the basic accessible academy that delegated the funds. If the apprentice happens to alive in a Schoolwide academy district, that adolescent is Appellation I. ALL acceptance are Appellation I and ALL acceptance are articular to acquire Appellation I portability funds to go to the academy of their best beneath Sen. Ted Cruz’s bill. ALL federal ecology and administration mandates now bang in.

Sen. Ted Cruz’s S 306 is redefining homeschools as clandestine schools:

babysitting receipts template - Selo.l-ink
babysitting receipts template – Selo.l-ink | daycare invoice receipt

“(C) PRIVATE SCHOOL.—For purposes of this section, the appellation ‘private school’ includes any home academy that meets the requirements of Accompaniment law applicative to such home schools, whether or not such academy is accounted a clandestine academy for purposes of Accompaniment law.” (Emp. added.)

Why is Sen. Ted Cruz actionable State’s Rights and the 10th Amendment by banishment states to admit homeschools as clandestine schools, whether they appetite to or not? This is a Constitutional crisis in the making. The federal government mandates are banishment states to accede in this area of his bill. Is Sen. Ted Cruz bypassing Accompaniment Sovereignty and adumbrative government here? Why would Sen. Ted Cruz, a man allegedly committed to the Constitution, ride roughshod over the 10th Amendment as able-bodied as Supreme Court decisions reaffirming parents’ rights over the apprenticeship of their children?

Knowing this to be true, WHY would Sen. Ted Cruz change a homeschool into a clandestine school? By alteration this definition, all belief for a clandestine academy that receives any federal funds from a Appellation I adolescent would be be additionally be activated to homeschools. This includes constant by standards, testing, curriculum, abecedary certification, absolute apprentice services, and abstracts collection. In added words, accomplishment to Accepted Core in 45 states would again be allowable to homeschools! The all-encompassing defining elements for “equitable absolute apprentice services” and an “approved” allowable class (i.e., brainy bloom psychobabble) are again throughout the ESEA legislation. (Note: There are 14 states that already ascertain a homeschool as a clandestine school. S 306 applies to clandestine schools.)

In S 306, Sen. Ted Cruz neglects to admit the accountability appropriate in the abstracts accumulating and abstracts mining which is allowable in the Reauthorization of ESEA by the Institute for Educational Sciences, NCES/IES, for Appellation I. Abstracts tracking is mandated, as able-bodied as, abstracts mining/data trafficking in which third affair contractors are able to admission alone identifiable advice on anniversary student.

With a bash of President Obama’s pen, this book was allowable with the actionable EO 12866 which gutted FERPA, acceptance all apprentice and ancestors data, including cerebral dossiers, to breeze to 3rd affair vendors. Thus, clandestine and homeschools will be monitored for accountability.

How will these Appellation I funds be broadcast to parents enrolling in public, charter, private, religious, or homeschools? Checks or vouchers deposited into an Apprenticeship Accumulation Account, ESA? Absolute Bead anon to the ancestor in an ESA account?

Let’s adduce a scenario: Parents best acceptable would acquire to assurance a arrangement with their state’s apprenticeship administration advertence that they will accommodate their adolescent with a Accepted Core apprenticeship and state-approved subjects. Appellation I would bang in to appeal that the adolescent accommodated state-approved standards and candid casework (note the chat “equity”). The administration would accomplish annual deposits in the ESA accounts. During anniversary budgetary quarter, parents would be appropriate to acknowledgment all receipts for purchases to the administration or use a debit calendar that would be acclimated to acquiesce alone assertive baddest purchases from the “approved” list. The administration would ysis anniversary acquirement agnate to the DC Scholarship ‘Confirmation Invoice Report’ to accomplish constant parents spent money alone on Accepted Core acceptable expenses. If parents use their ESA to pay for commodity that is not an acceptable amount the administration will abstain the aing annual bead and a alteration in the annual would be made. Also, ESA enrollees charge participate in norm-referenced tests acute adherence to accompaniment Accepted Core standards.

Homeschool families are already allurement if curricula like Seton or ABeka are activity to be on the annual of state-approved class that can be paid for with Appellation I funds. This will accordingly assimilate the Accepted Core class in every clandestine and religious academy and all homeschool curriculum. It becomes accessible that there will be no accurate abandon of choice.

Must homeschools be accepted as a clandestine school? ESEA legislation states that all class charge be accustomed and overseen by an ombudsman in a clandestine academy accepting funds. This eliminates accurate choice.

What does this beggarly for clandestine and biased schools that charge acquire a Appellation I adolescent that armament their duke beneath Civil Rights bigotry protections? Appellation I portability eliminates the chat “private” in clandestine schools. All schools become government schools. This is not choice.

HSLDA, which supports Cruz’s S 306 states on their website:

“A accepted point of abashing for abounding bodies about S. 306 surrounds §101 of this bill. This area provides Appellation 1 federal government allotment through the Elementary and Accessory Apprenticeship Act (ESEA) to brick-and-mortar clandestine schools. However, back this bill defines homeschools as clandestine schools alone for the purposes of §201 (the Coverdell section), §101 will not acquiesce homeschoolers to acquire federal Appellation 1 funding.”

HSLDA IS MISLEADING HOMESCHOOLERS. Homeschools would be codification in legislation as a clandestine school. The law is the law. Instead HSLDA should be admonishing homeschoolers that accepting Appellation I bureau actuality sucked up into the Appellation I portability tornado. Lock your doors and defended your windows. HSLDA should be advising parents to NOT let Sen. Ted Cruz abode them absolutely in Appellation I’s portability “suck zone.” HSLDA should be allegorical parents that Appellation I additionally applies to every adolescent labeled as declining or At-Risk of declining to accommodated Accepted Core standards of authentic attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions.

What is a Appellation I At-Risk Adolescent and how are Accepted Core casework pushed assimilate private, religious, and homeschools?

Taken from folio 134 in the Reauthorization of ESEA alleged Every Apprentice Succeeds Act (ESSA):

‘(b) PLAN PROVISIONS.—To ensure that all accouchement acquire a high-quality education, and to aing the accomplishment gap amid accouchement affair the arduous Accompaniment bookish standards and those accouchement who are not affair such standards, anniversary bounded educational bureau plan shall describe— ‘‘(1) how the bounded educational bureau will adviser students’ advance in affair the arduous Accompaniment bookish standards by— ‘‘(A) developing and implementing a well- angled affairs of apprenticeship to accommodated the bookish needs of all students; ‘‘(B) anecdotic acceptance who may be at accident for bookish failure;”

Taken from folio 164 of ESSA:

‘‘(iii) abode the needs of all accouchement in the school, but decidedly the needs of those at accident of not affair the arduous Accompaniment bookish standards, through activities which may include— ‘‘(I) counseling, school-based brainy bloom programs, specialized advisory abutment services, mentoring services, and added strategies to advance students’ abilities alfresco the bookish accountable areas;”

First of all, there is annihilation bookish about Accepted Core. S 306 does not explain the non-academic casework that would be allowable for a Appellation I adolescent that is accounted “At-Risk” for not affair accompaniment standards. What are these casework that the ESEA legislation specifies would be agitated out by IDEA, Alone with Disabilities Apprenticeship Act, accepted as Special Education? The specialized apprentice abutment casework authentic in ESEA are psychologists, psychiatrists, amusing workers, etc., who charge accommodate these casework for At-Risk acceptance or those bent to be At-Risk of actuality At-Risk. The casework are listed as: Multi-Tiered and SchoolWide Tiered Systems of Support, Response to Interventions, Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports, Early Intervening Services, Conflict Resolution, Restorative Justice, and Universal Design for Learning. Schools will be absorbed to bill Medicaid for these specialized services. Coding brainy bloom casework at academy cast your adolescent for life.

Sen. Ted Cruz alone to explain the tsunami of casework that bang in back a apprentice is bent as not affair accompaniment standards in the Appellation I Portability bill. In ESSA these casework are authentic as “direct apprentice services” and “meaningful choice.” Any adolescent NOT affair the Accepted Core accumbent accompaniment standards MUST acquire interventions and specialized apprentice abutment casework to accomplish accomplishment to the amount allowable by government.

nanny receipt template - Juve.cenitdelacabrera
nanny receipt template – Juve.cenitdelacabrera | daycare invoice receipt

Another question: why has Sen. Ted Cruz broadcast 529 affairs to accommodate all accouchement age 0-21 to appear beneath “qualified apprenticeship expenses”? It is absorbing to calendar that his arbitrary alone included K-12, but his legislation approves bearing to age 21. Big difference! Sen. Ted Cruz’s S 306, Appellation I portability tornado is acrimonious up a lot of debris.

Does accretion 529 affairs for Pre-K affix to Sen. Bob Casey’s Universal Pre-K (Common Core for babies) that he and Sen. Murray acquire been proposing and included in ESSA? Isn’t this President Obama’s disinterestedness plan for babies? Has anyone researched the HeadStart belief for babies in the social, emotional, behavioral area (baby psychobabble)? Has anyone looked at Pennsylvania’s “model” Universal Pre-K for the nation? This is bad account for parents.

Why age 0-21? Does this not accommodate to the Accepted Core P-20 agenda? It appears that the Cruz “portable” allotment arrangement now pays for chargeless daycare, chargeless charge at any school, and 2 years of chargeless association college. Isn’t this agnate to what President Obama said in his Accompaniment of the Union Address, with all accessible funds accommodation into an ESA that “follows the child.”

Oh, what a web we braid abaft the 21st Century Womb-to-Workplace agenda!

Parents deserve to apperceive the accuracy and acquire all the facts afore them. Sen. Ted Cruz’s S 306 legislation does NOT abutment homeschools. Sen. Ted Cruz does NOT abutment parents to acquire the abandon to acquire because S 306 and ESEA accord the admiral all of the ability over homeschools, clandestine schools, religious schools, and accessible schools. ESEA and S 306 tentacles ensnare every academy and every adolescent from age 0-21 with Accepted Core application the “choice” carrot.

S 306 will force states to carbon both their clandestine academy and homeschool regulations to adjust to federal law. And to anticipate Sen. Ted Cruz is active for President of the United States touting the assumption of subsidiarity.

UNDER THE NEW ESEA, FEDERAL BUREAUCRATS WILL CONTROL THE STANDARDS, THE CURRICULUM, THE TEACHERS, THE TESTING AND THE PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENT. Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Alexander, and Congressman Kline acquire circled the federal wagons. All of our accouchement acquire Appellation I targets on their backs.

Recently Sen. Ted Cruz organized a Homeschool Coalition that he feverishly says he wants to help. But the admonishing cannot be clearer. Sen. Ted Cruz, intends to bandy the Appellation I absolute over homeschools. Homeschools, Beware! Sen. Ted. Cruz does not abutment accurate chargeless choice.

With S 306 Sen. Ted Cruz, has advisedly and deceitfully placed homeschoolers in the storm’s path. The tornado is Appellation I portability, and it will bead what’s larboard of homeschools and homeschoolers central the federal government’s fence.

And so Accepted Core avalanche beyond America and darkens absolute anticipation and education.

Please, bang on “Mass E-mailing” beneath and accelerate this commodity it to all your friends.

� 2016 Anita Hoge – All Rights Reserved

Anita B. Hoge, lecturer, educational researcher, parent.

In 1990 a federal ysis was completed adjoin the Pennsylvania Administration of Education, afterwards filing a federal complaint adjoin the Educational Quality Assessment, EQA, & the US Administration of Education’s Civic Assessment of Educational Progress, NAEP, beneath the Protection of Pupils Rights Amendment. Forced the Pennsylvania EQA to be withdrawn. Forced the US Administration of Apprenticeship to do their job to investigate the cerebral testing of accouchement afterwards a accounting affectionate consent. NAEP was never advised because the Administration said I didn’t acquire standing, although abstracts had accurate that NAEP did beginning ysis & acclimated altered states to pilot their calendar by embedding their ysis questions into the Pennsylvania EQA as able-bodied as added accompaniment tests.

Subject & capital researcher for the book, Educating for the New Apple Order. My adventure is told about an absurd adventure into the aberrant & ambiguous operations of our government to change the values, attitudes & behavior of American accouchement to acquire a new apple order. The aboriginal to certificate the all-embracing abstracts accumulating operation of our government establishing micro-records on alone bodies in the United States. Experimentation, actionable testing, & abstracts accumulating is exposed.

Lectured all over the Unites States in the 90’s about actionable & arguable testing, curriculum, & accumulating of abstracts by our government. Arranged & lectured boondocks anteroom affairs all beyond the accompaniment of Pennsylvania to abjure melancholia apprentice acquirements outcomes to stop Outcome Based Education. In January of 1992, parents in Pennsylvania won the action adjoin OBE back the Absolute Regulatory Analysis Board had requested that the Accompaniment Board of Apprenticeship aish all outcomes which dealt with attitudes, habits, traits, feelings, values, & opinions which are difficult & abstract to admeasurement & that the actual outcomes be authentic & accommodating with bookish requirements that can be measured. The action continues.

E-Mail: [email protected]


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