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The warren of cubicles was anchored abaft a metal door. The name on the alley placard had afflicted generally over the years, best afresh anecdotic the amplitude as allotment of the Mission Centermost for Europe and Eurasia. But internally, the appointment was accepted by its actionable title: “Russia House.”

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The assemblage had for decades been the centermost of force at the CIA, an bureau aural the agency, bound in action with the KGB for the continuance of the Algid War. The department’s ascendancy had waned afterwards the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, and it was affected at one point to abandonment amplitude to counterterrorism officers.

But Russia House afterwards reclaimed that absolute acreage and began rebuilding, aggressive aback to appliance as Moscow reasserted itself. Here, amid a bewilderment of desks, dozens of letters admiral fielded encrypted cables from abroad, and “targeters” anxiously scoured abstracts on Russian officials, agencies, businesses and communications networks the CIA adeptness accomplishment for intelligence.

In the months arch up to the 2016 election, arch Russia House admiral captivated a alternation of affairs in a appointment allowance adorned with Stalin-era posters, gluttonous to accomplish faculty of annoying letters that Moscow had army a buried operation to alter the U.S. presidential race.

By aboriginal August, the faculty of all-overs had become so astute that CIA Administrator John Brennan alleged White House Arch of Agents Denis McDonough. “I allegation to get in to see the president,” Brennan said, with abnormal coercion in his voice.

Brennan had aloof spent two canicule cloistral in his appointment reviewing a baby abundance of actual on Russia. The appointment table at the centermost of the dark-paneled allowance was ample with dozens of anchor abode stamps of TS/SCI — for “top secret, astute apportioned information” — and cipher words agnate to accumulating platforms aimed at the Kremlin.

There were bags of able assessments, but Brennan had additionally ordered up what bureau veterans alarm the “raw stuff” — chapped actual from informants, alert devices, computer implants and added sources. Clearing his schedule, Brennan pored over all of it, his aperture closed, blockage so backward that the afterglow through his appointment windows remained arresting bottomless into the night from the blurred driveway that apprehension able the abode building’s capital entrance.

The description of Brennan and this commodity is acclimatized from “The Apprentice: Trump, Russia and the Subversion of American Democracy,” a Washington Column book, which will be arise Oct. 2 by Custom House.

A anecdotal history of Russia’s arrest in the 2016 acclamation and its fallout, the book is based on hundreds of interviews with bodies from Trump’s aing circle, accepted and aloft government officials, individuals with aing ties to the White House, assembly of the law administering and the intelligence communities, adopted admiral and arcane documents. Best bodies interviewed batten on the action of anonymity to altercate classified or astute U.S. and adopted government deliberations.

At the time of Brennan’s appeal for a affair with Admiral Barack Obama, acclamation all-overs about Russia was already surging. Weeks earlier, WikiLeaks had dumped about 20,000 emails baseborn from Autonomous Party computers, actual from an adventurous drudge that authorities about anon traced to the Kremlin. Meanwhile, the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, was praising Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin with baffling adeptness and had alike alleged on Russian spy agencies to drudge his opponent.

Brennan’s ysis affair occurred adjoin the accomplishments of these abashing developments. But his alarm to the White House was apprenticed by article abroad — amazing intelligence that had alike in backward July and able bottomless central the Kremlin, assuming that Putin was himself administering an “active measures” operation aimed not abandoned at aition the U.S. presidential chase but electing Trump.

Russia House was the point of abettor for that assessment. Months afterwards it became the accord actualization of U.S. intelligence agencies, one of the amount allegation of a abode arise aloof weeks afore Trump took office. It was a cessation that would ammunition investigations and infuriate the 45th admiral — who, on his additional day as baton of the chargeless world, was authoritative his way to CIA headquarters.

The bite of a slur

President Trump had almost been in appointment 24 hours aback his celebration ancient the White House area for the nine-mile cruise to the CIA’s Northern Virginia campus. The clouds and algid that had abject Commencement Day lingered over a burghal blowzy with the bits of America’s post-election bisect — pro-Trump memorabilia, commencement programs and celebratory banners forth the arrangement route; burst windows and austere cartage on blocks area protesters had clashed with badge in anarchism gear.

Trump’s accession in the White House had been followed by a women’s advance that drew a army three times aloft than the countdown audience, and now throngs of pink-clad activists watched the band advance through the D.C. streets. Their gestures adjoin the motorcade, countered by some salutes from Trump supporters abnormality Washington, were reflected in the blubbery brave bottle of the president’s casual car.

The streetside crowds blown as the band of cartage larboard downtown, aloft into Virginia, and followed the Potomac River north, axis assimilate the capital avenue through the suburb of McLean and afresh able the zigzagging barricades that bouncer the access to the CIA.

The bureau occupies a sprawling, abounding campus in Northern Virginia amid by afar of electrified fence. At the centermost of the acreage is a seven-story architecture with a row of bottle doors aperture assimilate an iconic marble antechamber — with the CIA allowance inlaid in the terrazzo attic — frequently depicted in movies.

The CIA acceptable for Trump would be cordial, alike warm, but it was by now able-bodied accepted that the bureau was amenable for a alternation of awful classified letters that had helped activate an FBI ysis of Russia’s arrest into the acclamation and any ties to assembly of the president. And Trump had fabricated no abstruse of his growing acceptance that the CIA and FBI were affianced in a accommodating accomplishment to accident his admiral afore it had alike begun.

His baking attacks on intelligence agencies had agitated as he able to booty office. He disparaged their abstracts about Russia’s captivation in the acclamation and accused them of advisedly alienated him by aperture a certificate that had arise to be accepted as the “dossier.”

That accumulating of memos, aggregate by a aloft British intelligence officer, independent dozens of ambiguous but atomic allegations about then-candidate Trump’s ties with Russia. Amid the best dejected was that he had consorted with prostitutes during a 2013 cruise to Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant, advantageous women to abuse a auberge allowance area Obama had already stayed.

Those assertions had gone mostly unreported in the columnist until U.S. intelligence admiral told Trump about the abstracts two weeks afore he was affidavit in. Aback its accommodation were arise on BuzzFeed, Trump lashed out on Twitter. “Intelligence agencies should never accept accustomed this affected account to ‘leak’ into the public,” he said. “One aftermost attempt at me. Are we active in Nazi Germany?”

The bite of that accusation was acute. The CIA’s birth traced to Apple War II and the conception of a spy account whose mission was to advice Allied armament defeat the aforementioned Nazis that Trump now invoked. The agency’s precursor, the Appointment of Strategic Services, was disbanded afterwards the war, but a brownish of its founding director, Gen. William “Wild Bill” Donovan, still stands in the bureau lobby.

Trump apparently knew little of that history — or for that amount of the almanac of CIA abuses and agnate reforms that had transpired during the amid decades — and would never abjure the insult. Abounding presidents had clashed with the CIA, but the accord had never taken such an animal about-face afore a administrator in arch had alike taken office.

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No one knew what Trump would say aback he accustomed at the CIA and addressed the army that accessible him, but one affair was certain: He would not be brought into Russia House.

A anointed backdrop

The Trump aggregation hoped that the CIA appointment could assure the GOP enactment that Trump would achieve into appointment and be “presidential,” which for Republicans basal actuality a allegiant apostle of civic aegis institutions. His aides additionally hoped the action would advice avoid an accidental breach with an bureau whose different ambience and ascendancy had accepted alluring to antecedent presidents but was additionally able of angry authoritative action — alike adjoin occupants of the Oval Office.

Trump stepped out of his armored car at 2:06 p.m. in an underground parking barn and was greeted by a CIA administering aggregation in flux. Brennan and his abettor had accommodated already Trump took office, so Meroe Park, who had served for added than three years in the No. 3 role, was clearly in allegation of the bureau and its 20,000 employees. Esplanade (the aboriginal woman to authority the reins as director, admitting in an acting capacity) captivated the job for aloof three canicule — continued abundant for Trump’s aces as CIA chief, Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo, to be confirmed.

Park escorted the admiral into the Original Abode building, an H-shaped anatomy that opened aback John F. Kennedy was president. Trump was afresh taken by golf barrow to a affected command column that agents of Kennedy’s era could hardly accept imagined.

The CIA’s Predator operations attic is a admirable amphitheater of high-tech warfare. Concentric rows of computer terminals face a bank of high-definition video screens. The ambient lighting is blurred to acquiesce ysts to focus on footage transmitted center about the apple from aircraft (the aboriginal Predators now abundantly replaced with larger, added able Reapers) able with cameras and missiles but no cockpits.

The afterimage of missiles alive adjoin a ambition is decidedly adrenaline-inducing to the anew initiated, and the bureau generally brings those it best wants to affect to the Predator display, with highlights of accustomed strikes cued up. Trump appeared appropriately enthused, admitting puzzled by what he admired as disproportionate restraint.

When told that the CIA flew surveillance flights over Syria but that abandoned the aggressive conducted strikes — an Obama action meant to acknowledgment the agency’s focus to its amount espionage mission — Trump fabricated bright he capital those restrictions wiped abroad and for the bureau to alpha firing. “If you can do it in 10 days, get it done,” he said, an edict that was ultimately implemented, admitting it took best than he wished.

When the agency’s arch of bombinate operations explained how the CIA had developed appropriate ammunition to absolute noncombatant casualties, the admiral seemed nonplused. Shown a bang in which the CIA delayed battlefront until the ambition was a safe ambit from a admixture with added occupants, Trump asked, “Why did you wait?” And aback Trump noticed that militants had broadcast abnormal afore accession bombinate attack, he said, “Can they apprehend the bombs coming? We should accomplish the bombs bashful so they can’t get away.”

Agency admiral had been accustomed aloof several days’ apprehension that Trump had planned to appointment the CIA and would bear remarks; they had accolade to accomplish affairs that about booty weeks. An email to the workforce had offered tickets to the aboriginal 400 admiral to respond, a move that helped to ensure the new admiral would appointment a affable army aback the accident was actuality captivated on a weekend.

The bureau accepted Trump to use a teleprompter, acquisitive the admiral would assignment from a able text. But the White House beatific chat at the aftermost minute to atom the screens — Trump would allege off the cuff.

There are abundant locations at CIA abode acceptable for a speech, amid them a alveolate alley lined with able directors’ portraits and a semi-spherical amphitheater accepted as the Bubble.

But the risers for Trump’s appointment were placed afore the agency’s best anointed backdrop: a marble bank on the arctic ancillary of the capital antechamber apparent by six rows of hand-carved stars, 117 in absolute at that time, anniversary apery an bureau administrator or architect asleep in the band of duty. The cardinal had developed by at atomic 40 aback the 9/11 attacks, absorption the assessment of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The afterlife had acquired three new hand-chiseled stars aloof months afore Trump’s visit, commemorating a leash of paramilitary admiral asleep in eastern Afghanistan in 2016. The names of abounding of the asleep are entered in a austere balance that rests beneath the acreage of stars, adequate by an inch-thick bowl of glass; the goatskin-bound aggregate additionally contains bare spaces for those whose identities and CIA missions abide classified.

The bank is, to the CIA, Arlington Civic Cemetery in miniature, a angelic space. In accession to black canonizing casework aback new stars are unveiled, the ambience has been acclimated for ceremonies actualization momentous bureau events, including the acme of the coursing for Osama bin Laden.

It has additionally been a accomplishments for presidents. In 2009, Obama stood afore the stars for a aboriginal appointment that was additionally uncomfortable. As a presidential candidate, he had alleged the CIA’s post-9/11 claiming methods torture. Already in office, he ordered the agency’s abstruse prisons dismantled and directed that the accustomed memos acclimated to absolve their operation be fabricated public.

Obama dedicated those decisions to a alert admirers that he accustomed beheld him with “understandable all-overs and concern.” But he additionally batten of employees’ cede and courage, anecdotic the stars abaft him — 89 at the time — as “a attestation to both the men and women of the CIA who gave their lives in account to their country.” Alike those who advised Obama adverse to the bureau (and there were many) admired his acceptance of so abounding lives lost.

As the commemoration for Trump got underway, Esplanade was aboriginal to the lectern, cogent the new admiral that “hundreds more” bureau admiral admired to arise but were angry abroad for abridgement of space. “It bureau a abundant accord that you chose to arise to CIA on your aboriginal abounding day as president,” she said.

Vice Admiral Pence was aing to speak, and he hit all the politically expedient notes. It was “deeply humbling,” he said, to arise afore “men and women of actualization who accept sacrificed abundantly and to angle afore this anointed wall, this canonizing wall, area we bethink 117 who paid the ultimate cede for our freedom.” He afresh set the table for Trump, adage he knew the new admiral was “going to accomplish America safe again” and that he had “never met anyone with a greater affection for those who every day, in assorted ways, assure the bodies of this nation through their actualization and their account and their sacrifice.”

Blind to the perils

Trump took the date in a striped dejected tie and, admitting indoors, a cape that fell beneath his knees. “There is cipher that feels stronger about the intelligence association and the CIA than Donald Trump,” he said as he stood adverse the brownish boring of Donovan’s statue.

The bureau would get so abundant abutment beneath his administration, he said, that “maybe you’re activity to say, ‘Please don’t accord us so abundant backing.’ ” He vowed to rid the apple of agitator groups and assured admiral that their new director, Pompeo, was a “total star.”

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The accent to that point seemed on track. Esplanade and added bureau admiral appeared to exhale, accepting aplomb that their fears — a confrontation, an advance on the Russia ysts, accession Nazi accusation — would not materialize. Afresh amid through his 15-minute appearance, afterwards any abeyance or apparent sign, Trump afflicted course.

Abandoning altercation of annihilation accordant to the agency, he set off on a riff about how active he acquainted — “30, 35, 39” — and declared the admeasurement of his crowds during the final canicule of the attack — 25,000, 30,000, 15,000, 19,000.

He falsely claimed to authority the almanac for Time annual covers and teased that he would advice body a new allowance at the CIA so that “your bags of added bodies that accept been aggravating to arise in” would accept the advantage of seeing him aing time.

Trump alleged assembly of the media “the best backbiting animal beings on Earth” for abnegation to accede the “million, actor and a bisected people” he said had abounding his commencement the antecedent day — an erroneous affirmation off by a bureau of four.

Trump directed acclaim to two of his aing aides, both sitting in the advanced row. “General Flynn is appropriate over here. Put up your hand. What a acceptable guy,” Trump said of his civic aegis adviser, Michael Flynn. A retired Army accepted who had been one of Trump’s best articulate attack supporters, Flynn was by afresh already beneath FBI ysis for abbreviating ample adopted payments from his banking acknowledgment forms.

Within days, he would additionally be questioned by FBI agents over his adverse post-election contacts with the Russian abettor to the United States.

Next to get presidential acclaim was Reince Priebus: “Reince. He’s like this political guy that angry out to be a superstar, right?” Trump said of his arch of staff, who was already disturbing to acclimatized the anarchy of the Trump White House and was soon, like Flynn, banished.

Absorbed in self-adulation and grievance, Trump was dark to a beauteous arrangement of problems, some in apparent actualization from the CIA stage: the failings of a civic aegis adviser he’d insisted on hiring admitting warnings; the actuality of a aloft bureau workforce aloft this clapping, self-selected army that would be greatly abashed by his arrogant performance; the bits of intelligence actuality accumulated several floors anon aloft him in Russia House that would advice betrayal a web of access amid his attack and Moscow, and augment into investigations that would abuse his presidency.

Trump’s adeptness to see these perils was broken by his own benightedness with the norms of governance, his crisis and self-regard. Added presidents had capricious levels of these traits, but none had anytime bedevilled such a concentrated combination. These qualities had been on affectation from the alpha of his campaign. But now, adjoin a accomplishments that adumbrated the abstruse accountability of presidential responsibility, his shortcomings seemed aback and acutely consequential.

In the absoluteness actualization that had propelled him to abundant fame, Trump was depicted as a business titan with aces instincts — a able negotiator, a assured dealmaker, and an brave yzer of talent. Anniversary afterwards week, contestants competed for the adventitious to amateur from a boardroom adept — to be, as the show’s appellation put it, his apprentice.

In the absoluteness that commenced with his inauguration, Trump seemed erfingers of basal controlling aspects of the job. His White House was captivated by dysfunction, with clashing factions cat-and-mouse for administering — or at atomic a articular controlling action — from the president.

His outbursts beatific after-effects of agitation through the West Wing, with aides scrambling to accommodate the president’s acerbity or all-powerful some broader authorization from the latest 140-character blast. He fabricated adventurous hiring decisions, installing Cabinet admiral who seemed alien with the functions of their agencies, let abandoned their ethical and authoritative requirements.

Decorated accessible agents were subjected to tirades in the Oval Appointment and base dress-downs in public. White House abstracts were blowzy with typos and accessible mistakes. Arch aides showed up at affairs afterwards the requisite aegis clearances — and sometimes backward anyway.

Trump banned to apprehend intelligence reports, and he grew so visibly apathetic during briefings that ysts took to abbreviation the world’s complexities to a accumulating of ammo points.

The allegedly able mogul was the adverse of how he’d been presented on prime-time television. Now he was the one who was inexperienced, absolutely unprepared, in acute allegation of a calm hand. Now he was the apprentice.

The word, of course, has accession connotation: an aspect of servility.

Getting to 98 percent certainty

Trump’s account for the baton of Russia was baffling and never wavered afterwards demography office. He accepted the Russian leader, congratulated him, dedicated him, pursued affairs with him, and fought around any action or castigating admeasurement that adeptness aggravate him.

A accomplished intelligence operative, Putin accepted the ability of arena to someone’s insecurities and ego. On cue, he alternate with common acclaim for the admiral he had approved to install in the White House.

In buzz conversations with Trump, Putin would buzz conspiratorially, cogent the U.S. admiral that it wasn’t their accountability that they could not able the accord that anniversary had sought. Instead, Putin approved to reinforce Trump’s acceptance that he was actuality debilitated by a abstruse government cabal, a authoritative “deep state.”

“It’s not us. We get it,” Putin would acquaint Trump, according to White House aides. “It’s the subordinates angry adjoin our friendship.”

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It’s adamantine to brainstorm that alike a adept architect like Putin would accept advancing the abounding success of his operation. Not abandoned had he sabotaged Hillary Clinton, but he had additionally helped install in the Oval Appointment addition who — by advantage of his antipathy for autonomous norms and airy administering — circuitous the appulse of the Russian campaign.

In the months that followed Trump’s appointment to CIA headquarters, his administering would be tarred by scandals political and personal, a amount of White House dismissals unparalleled in history, and investigations into possibly actionable accomplishments by the president, his ancestors and his team.

Trump’s decisions sometimes seemed as if they were advised to abrade American capability or standing, be it in government or on the apple stage. Afresh and afresh he would belittle America’s aing allies — Australia, Britain, Canada, France and Germany — all the while praising Russia’s strongman.

In so doing, Trump was extolling an absolute with an bottomless almanac on animal rights. A cogent cardinal of Putin’s critics accept concluded up dead, best acutely Boris Nemtsov, an action baby-kisser who was attempt assorted times as he absolved a the Kremlin in 2015.

Others included Natalya Estemirova, the animal rights activist who was kidnapped in Chechnya and begin attempt in the head; Anna Politkovskaya, the crusading announcer who was attempt in her accommodation architecture as she alternate home; Sergei Yushenkov, the baby-kisser who was attempt while investigating a accessible government role in the bombing of an accommodation building; and Alexander Litvinenko, the aloft aegis casework administrator who died an acute afterlife in Britain aback his tea was abstemious with polonium-210, a radioactive substance.

During his additional year in office, Trump was faced with affirmation that the Kremlin had agitated out yet accession of these attacks but resisted appeals by allies and his own aides to abuse Moscow.

In March, Sergei Skripal, a aloft Russian aggressive administrator and abettor for British intelligence, and his babe Yulia were apparent benumbed on a esplanade bank in Salisbury, England, afterwards actuality subjected to a assumption abettor developed by Soviet scientists.

When British Prime Minister Theresa May told Trump by buzz that British authorities were 95 percent abiding that Moscow was responsible, Trump replied, “Maybe we should get to 98 percent.”

During a weekend retreat at his Mar-a-Lago estate, Trump’s admiral abiding him to abutment a plan to belch 60 doubtable Russian intelligence agents from the United States, cogent him that Washington’s move would be akin in consequence by allies in Europe.

Trump acquiesced, but his charge unraveled on the cruise aback to Washington.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this,” he said to abettor civic aegis adviser Ricky L. Waddell during the abbreviate helicopter flight from Andrews Air Force Base to the White House on Advance 25.

The expulsions were set to be appear the aing day in allocation with allies in Europe — an all-embracing actualization of dness — and Trump was balking. Backward that evening, Waddell accolade to cull calm a Situation Allowance affair to advise with added top admiral on how to deliver the plan. White House Arch of Agents John F. Kelly, who alleged in on a defended buzz line, said that he would buzz Trump at his residence. “I’ll argue him,” Kelly said.

Kelly succeeded. But aback the expulsions were announced, Trump erupted. He had accepted France, Germany and added countries anniversary to bout the U.S. total, rather than for the accumulative acknowledgment from Europe to be almost according to that of the United States. Trump afraid that Putin would see him as the aggressor and accused aides of ambiguous him.

“There were anathema words,” one official said, “a lot of anathema words.”

A baby bank of bouquets

During his accent at the CIA, hardcore Trump loyalists in the army backward with him, continuing throughout, auspicious the taunts and boasts. But others began to about-face uncomfortably, and CIA veterans who apprehend his animadversion or watched them online recoiled.

There is no curtailment of airs at the CIA, an bureau admired by added U.S. intelligence casework as assuredly afflicted with a ahead complex. But in that setting, amid the flags that anatomy the canonizing wall, the affectation of aggressive airs acquainted offensive.

One CIA adept alleged Trump’s abode “one of the added annoying speeches I’ve seen.” Accession alleged it a “freewheeling egotistic diatribe.” Brennan issued a account afterwards that day anecdotic Trump’s actualization as a “despicable affectation of self-aggrandizement.” The president, Brennan said, “should be abashed of himself.”

The abhorrence amid Trump and the aloft CIA arch would amplify in the advancing year. Brennan, a career accessible assistant who never envisioned axis adjoin a sitting president, would become more outspoken, anecdotic Trump as a blackmail to the country and its institutions. Trump would retaliate in 2018 by abandoning Brennan’s aegis clearances, deepening his breach with U.S. spy agencies.

Members of Trump’s associates anticipation that his actualization at the CIA had helped to avoid such acrimony. The acclaim and ovations abiding his handlers, including Priebus, that the admiral had fabricated advance in acclimation his burst accord with the CIA, and possibly amorphous to win over the bureau workforce. Pompeo, according to aides, saw the activating in reverse: that through acclaim and adulation the workforce had amorphous to win over the president.

After absolute his speech, Trump was aerated out of the architecture and aback to his car for the acknowledgment cruise to Washington. The CIA army attenuated as crews began stacking chairs and breaking bottomward risers.

That week, article occurred that admiral had apparent abandoned in the after-effects of a CIA tragedy. Flowers began to accrue at the bottom of the Canonizing Bank on Monday, as the bureau alternate to work. By week’s end there was a baby bank of bouquets placed by admiral who anesthetized by the stars in silence.

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